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St. Joachim, Father of Our Lady

Listen to Fr. Larrabee’s sermon from the Feast of the Assumption: Mary, Sponsor of Priests

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

We conclude these wonderful August days of Our Lady with her father’s feast and Vespers. We give thanks to Mary Assumed into Heaven for all of the graces given us by heaven; for all of the glory given God by the Church on earth. I thank you for your participation in the procession for August 13th, as well as for your presence with your children yesterday for the holy day and its procession. Special thanks go to all who helped for these celebrations for Our Lady and our new priest, Fr. Larrabee.

We are happy to see Fr. Ramolla back with us again. His presence made possible the Solemn High Mass for Fr. Larrabee yesterday. I’m in Columbus for the weekend, trying to make myself useful. Last week all the priests were ill in varying degrees, but we’re hopeful for good health with prayer, and time. Thank you for your prayers.

Our girls seem to have had a great time at their camp at the start of August. I thank Angie Poeppleman and her imaginative and energetic team of ladies who conducted everything with great élan. I don’t think the girls, fifty in number, even minded the rain on the second day. The simple things of life! We did a church tour in the morning, and musical chairs were great gleeful fun in the afternoon. The mosaic art projects exposed some real talent along with their interesting results. St. Philomena surely blessed the camp, which ended with the investiture of the St. Philomena cords.

School bells soon will be ringing. Enjoy the last of your vacations, and these final weeks of August. Today is the feast of the saint invoked against plague, St. Roch. Let us confide to his care our children and their teachers and all of us to be protected against swine fever and every other mass malady.

The Holy Mass and the Mother of God are our great protection. Let us have recourse to them daily!

With a blessing,
-Bishop Dolan