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Pentecost XII

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Thank you for your cooperation for a beautiful weekend for Our Lady’s Assumption and our new priest. It was good to have the Lourdes Grotto properly blessed and dedicated to Our Lady. Make a point to visit it for a little prayer. We hope to do some more landscaping there, and to install some benches.

I was glad to hear that all of the festivities went well, and that many of you stayed and enjoyed the beautiful breakfast which Mark Lotarski and his helpers prepared. Thank you, Mark. Meanwhile things went well for us in Columbus, but there is no air conditioning, and it certainly was hot!

We have had our introductory meeting for the teachers in preparation for the new school year, and are quite pleased to be having two priests on our faculty, in addition to our excellent and devoted lay staff. Fr. Cekada continues as school chaplain, and I look forward to speaking to the children each day at Mass about the saints of the day.

You know that Fr. Cekada’s father died suddenly last Sunday morning. His Requiem High Mass was Thursday in Milwaukee, and his burial Friday in Calumet, Michigan (Upper Peninsula). Frank Cekada had attained the good age of 91 years and leaves a legacy of real fidelity to the Catholic Church and devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Fr. Cekada reports that his father left the Novus Ordo before he did. Mr. Cekada was a great help to the faithful in starting St. Hugh of Lincoln chapel. May his good soul rest in peace, and his example inspire others to keep up the fight for the Faith, and the love of Our Lady.

Fr. Saavedra and Fr. Siordia will both be visiting us this week. We hope to be able to accommodate our guests in our new house, the Convento San Marco. Thanks to all who are
helping with this project.

Let us finish August with fervor and devotion to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, and daily ask for a place there for ourselves and loved ones.

God Bless You!
-Bishop Dolan

Mon 8/24/09 St. Bartholomew, Ap
8:00 AM Low Mass Return to the True Church by family & friends (Barb
4:00 PM Knights of the Sacred Heart (Sharon Woods)
5:00 PM Low Mass Richard VandeRyt – Happy Birthday
(Jeanne Hille)

Tue 8/25/09 St. Louis, King, C
8:00 AM Low Mass Lotarski Family – Many Thanks (Mary Lacy)
5:00 PM Low Mass Special Intention – Lynch Family
(G. Keaveney)
Eleventh Tuesday of St. Anthony at both Masses

Wed 8/26/09 St. Zephyrinus, Pm
6:30 AM Low Mass Paul Minges (Anne Marie Duff)
8:00 AM Low Mass Our Grandpa James Soli
(James & Hannah Lacy)
5:00 PM Requiem High Mass Purgatorial Society

Thur 8/27/09 St. Joseph Calasanctius, C
Seven Joys of Our Lady, Little St. Hugh of Lincoln,M
8:00 AM Low Mass †Joan Dunham – Birthday (William Harris)
5:00 PM Low Mass Pro-Life Cause (Rosary Confraternity)

Fri 8/28/09 St. Augustine, BpCD
St. Hermes, M
8:00 AM Low Mass Confessions
5:15 PM Confessions and Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass †Ellen Amyx -Birthday Remembrance
(Gary Amyx) Novena, Benediction, Confessions
7:00 PM A Mother’s Union Spiritual Talk
For All of the Ladies of the Parish

Sat 8/29/09 Beheading of St. John the Baptist,
St. Sabina
7:15 AM Confessions
7:30 AM Low Mass †Dorothy M. (sister) Birthday (William Harris)
8:00 AM Sermon and Low Mass †Martha Louise Frank (Joseph and Kathryn
For the Devotions of the 15 Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary meditate on the Crucifixion

Sun 8/30/09 St. Rose of Lima, V
Pentecost XIII
7:30 AM Low Mass Tom & Connie Kamphaus (Bob Brueggemann)
9:00 AM High Mass †Frank Cekada (Joseph & Maria Webster)
11:30 AM Low Mass †Robert DeChristofero (Jane Donadis)
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude