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Pentecost XIV

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

We have an odd opening for our season this year. Labor Day’s holiday (let’s make it a holy day, shall we?) comes not at Summer’s end, but after school’s start. Still, it is welcome, as are the smiling faces of our little ones as they return to school, and next Sunday, to Sunday school.

Hasn’t the weather been a delight? Autumn is often our best season. But, truthfully, Summer this year was not at all bad. We have much to be grateful for even on the natural level!

The first day of school went well. Our young scholars are blessed not only with daily Mass (please note the earlier time of 11:20 AM), but with two priests as teachers this year. If only the others knew enough to envy these happy children!

The convento creeps towards conclusion these days. We hope soon to welcome you to an Open House. Thank you for your interest and support! The Rood Screen project is proceeding nicely.

Thank you to the cooks who are helping feed us! We still have openings, and would welcome a call and an offer.

Do set aside next Sunday afternoon and evening for some powerful prayers, won’t you? The Holy Cross and Vespers, Our Lady and her Rosary – who could resist?

Will I see your children at least Tuesday to honor Our Lady’s Birthday? There’s free cake and a little plant for each little one, and blessings galore.

God bless you for this New Season,
-Bishop Dolan