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Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

I was telling our children the other day that this year we had three “First Days of School,” each with something special. The first day of classes fell on the feast of St. Pius X, and the children were met by a little foundling left on our door step. Not a baby but a kitty was left at church, and Katie kindly adopted him, naming him Pius. He turns out to be a bit of a playful biter, with an outgoing, friendly personality, fearing neither man nor beast. (Vivaldi, our red cat, has been missing for awhile, but has been spotted next door. We hope to rescue him soon.)

Our second first day of school was the Blessed Mother’s Birthday, when we welcomed an impressive array of little ones from all over. The beautiful High Mass in Mary’s honor, with procession and blessing of seedlings, was followed finally by a cake and ice cream for Maria Bambina. It truly was wonderful to see so many children for Our Blessed Mother’s Birthday.

The third opening Mass occurred last Friday, when the children sang the votive of the Holy Ghost. We must always invoke the assistance of God’s own Holy Spirit before we begin any important action. Thus well begun, we have great hopes for a good school year. Our student body this year has many delightful young children, being formed now mind and soul, as good Catholics.

That same “good Catholic spirit” we try to inculcate in our young people was very much in evidence with the excellent turnout of young and old for our September Fatima Rosary Procession. The Good Lord, who very much wants devotion to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart, gave us the encouragement of good weather. Many of you came from a distance, rearranged schedules, and even invited others. May Mary reward you! May God spare our country and restore the Church.

We hope you will visit our Convento San Marco next Sunday. Today sod was being laid, and new evergreen bushes planted. Fr. Ramolla got himself a new desk, and is looking forward to moving in, as is Fr. Larrabee, who has been camping out in church since August. Your building fund donations have made this possible. God reward you!

Will I see you this afternoon at our picnic? May Our Mother of Sorrows bless you, and comfort you always!

-Bishop Dolan