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Pentecost XVII

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Well, the weather certainly was wretched last week, wasn’t it?

Still, we dassn’t complain, as they say. It was exactly the weather God wished us to have. And, after all, the Good Lord and His saints indulged us once already in the matter, and it isn’t good to push things with the Divine Providence.

Wasn’t the weather wonderful for the picnic? We were as men wandering around and marvelling at God’s mercies and the goodness of the saints. We had a good picnic, all the greater for our gratitude.

There was a homey, cozy feel to the gathering: good food and conversations and spontaneous games for the children. I thank the Infant of Prague, St. Scholastica and St. Gertrude for the break in the weather, and all of those who lovingly prepared the picnic and picked up afterwards.

The humid, warm, Louisiana style days last week came at a perfect time for a little penance. Our office air conditioning broke down. The cause was quite curious. The compressor was found to contain three pounds of old spiders and webs! “The Venerable Emmerich affirms that insects for whom people feel an instinctive aversion are often connected with troubled or maleficent spirits.” (The Bestiary of Christ).

The other Sunday, two dear former parishioners from Columbus, Indiana came for a visit. The Kochs first joined our Ss Processus and Martinian Mission in St. Paul in the early 80’s, and then faithfully attended the old St. Gertrude, with their children, for many years. I hope we see them again.

A dear parishioner still, also from Indiana, is Doris Jean Campbell, who drove her “boat” over from Indianapolis even in her eighties. She follows the Mass in her missal at home now, and still follows our news. She called the other day to discuss Mgr. Benson’s Lord of the World, which she had read recently. This fascinating book reads like a prophecy about the end of the world and antichrist. Have you read it?

God bless all of our little angels this Sunday, and those who teach them and love them and point them towards Heaven. And God bless you with a tender devotion to the Angels and their Queen.

Come for great St. Michael on Tuesday, and for the Sacred Heart and the Rosary over the weekend. May the angels guide you.

– Bishop Dolan

Mon 9/28/09 St. Wenceslaus, Duke, M
11:20 AM High Mass Nadine Henry (C. Simpson Family)
4:00 PM Knights of the Sacred Heart
5:00 PM Low Mass Tom & Connie Kamphaus
(Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Andreotta)

Tue 9/29/09 Dedication of St. Michael, Archangel
8:00 AM Low Mass Megan & Maddalyn – Special Intention (S. Ackley)
11:20 AM Solemn High Mass In Honor of St. Michael for all of our needs
5:00 PM Low Mass In Honor of St. Michael for the Nies family and Cincom

Wed 9/30/09 St. Jerome, CD
6:30 AM Low Mass Poor Souls Ad Mentem Dantis
11:20 AM High Mass Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Neukam
(Bob Brueggemann)
5:00 PM Low Mass †Honor† Jerome Gerrard
6:30 PM Choir Practice

Thur 10/1/09 St. Remigius, BpC
8:00 AM Low Mass Special Intention for D.L. (J.&M. Soli)
11:20 AM High Mass Bernie Brueggemann (Bob Brueggemann)
3:10 PM Rosary
5:00 PM Low Mass †Frank Cekada (Gary Amyx)

Fri 10/2/09 First Friday, The Guardian Angels
8:00 AM Low Mass For the sanctification of Priests (Alter Christus)
10:45 AM Confessions
11:20 AM High Mass Pro-Life cause (Rosary Confraternity)
3:10 PM Rosary
5:15 PM Rosary & Confessions
5:45 PM Low Mass In Honor for the Holy Family for Mr. & Mrs. Dominic
Brueggemann (Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gilliam)
Exposition, Novena
6:45 PM Parish Potluck Supper
7:30 PM Parish Rosary Holy Hour
Adoration continues All Night

Sat 10/3/09 First Saturday St. Therese of the Child Jesus, V
6:30 AM Low Mass For Thanksgiving and Honor to our
M.P.H. & for my intentions (Patrick Omlor)
7:10 AM Rosary, First Saturday and October Devotions
7:40 AM Benediction
8:00 AM Low Mass †Daddy (J. Ramey)
For the Devotion of the 15 Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary meditate on the Coronation of Our Lady

Sun 10/4/09 Rosary Sunday Pentecost XVIII
7:30 AM Low Mass †Winifred Fisher (Mr. & Mrs. Victor Ritze)
9:00 AM High Mass Living & Deceased members of the Rosary Confraternity
10:30 AM Rosary Procession, Rosary Confraternity Breakfast
11:30 AM Low Mass In honor of Mary, Queen of the most Holy Rosary
(Wanke Family)
4:30 PM Vespers, October Devotions, Benediction
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude =