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Advent I

Also listen to Bp. Dolan’s Advent Sunday Sermon, “Why Do They Fall Away?

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Blessed Advent Sunday to you all! After days of feasting, gaming and shopping, the Apostle pierces our surfeited souls with his cry: “Cast off the works of darkness!” Let each Christian soul pray and prepare thus for Christ’s coming into our hearts and homes for Christmas, for eternity.

Do you have an Advent program? What will you give up or do extra for sweet, soft straw for the manger of your heart? Think in terms of extra Masses, fasting from the Christmas treats (too early!) and how about continuing the family Rosary and setting aside time for meditative spiritual reading. Set the alarm clock half an hour earlier and spend it with Our Lord.

Our Advent All Night Adoration is very important this Friday night. Some of our regulars will not be watching with us any more. Who will take their place? But most of all, who will come and pray for our parish and all of our needs? Even the most stubborn problems, I have found, give way before the power of prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament Exposed. Please come. Please pray.

I thank Joan Lotarski and the children of our school choir for their beautiful sweet singing for St. Gertrude’s Solemnity. I thank Fr. Cekada who is now serving as acting choir director and organist, and our loyal choir members for continuing our beautiful tradition of beautiful singing for God’s glory. Oh yes, and thank you to our loyal ushers and altar servers. “All
for the Greater Honor and Glory of God.”

I was just telling one of our teachers how impressed I am with the general religious knowledge of our school children. They know quite a bit, and are always cheerfully eager to raise their hands and answer questions. I am enjoying teaching religion and Bible history to those dear children.

Fr. McGuire will be spending time with us each month as I’ve asked him to come down from Milwaukee and look after St. Clare Church, whose priest son he is, Fr. Larrabee will be thus visiting St. Hugh in Milwaukee, and Fr. Cekada and I “holding down the fort” (so far no Indians have attacked!) here at St. Gertrude. I realize we have been remiss of late with Sunday confessions for the 9 and 11:30 Masses. I will try to hear before the High Mass, and during the 11:30, when possible.

Thank you for your for patience and understanding and loyal support!

I send a blessing in return, in Jesus’ Name.

–Bishop Dolan