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Advent II

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Already our short lived Advent is a week old. How have you done in preparing for the Holy Child Jesus, in making yourself a child for the sake of the Kingdom? Ask Mary, our Queen Immaculate, for her assistance this week.

Please pray the Immaculate Conception novena with us this week to defeat the devil, who wishes the destruction of our church, clergy, school and seminary. He will not win, for he is already vanquished, but we must pray. Please pray with us!

Fr. McGuire has joined our weekday staff, and he is welcome. Father will keep his eye on St. Hugh and St. Clare, but is helping us at church and school here on many weekdays. Please welcome Fr. McGuire. The school children are enjoying his classes.

Fr. Cekada has departed for his Florida teaching trip, working with a fine group of young men from throughout the world who are preparing for the holy priesthood. We are grateful for his rousing organ playing on Sundays, and his work directing our dedicated choir.

We are happy to welcome Ralph Patton into the Catholic Church, and do ask for prayers for him in his recovery from surgery, and for all of our sick.

Today I am visiting our little flock in Columbus. Please pray for them, too! Remember the fast and abstinence tomorrow, and the Holy Day on Tuesday, and next Sunday’s “Christmas Craft and Cookie Sale.”

Our collection has gone down of late, and some souls are giving – and working – heroically to help maintain things at our church. How could you help? Good question! I was hoping you would ask. If everyone gave at least $20 per week (inflation adjustment) we would be able to hold our own. Also, if you miss a given Sunday, please mail in your offering. Thank you for your understanding, and devotion.

Caravaggio and Puccini took sick over Thanksgiving, and had to be shipped off to the Kitty Spa. (Jim Gebel, please note.) It did them a world of good, and now they’re back on the mouse patrol. Maybe we can train them to go after rats.

May Mary keep you all in Christ Jesus our Lord,
–Bishop Dolan