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Advent IV

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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

I was moved almost to tears at dear George Wissing’s funeral the other day that something so beautiful and perfect (I was seated at the sedilia, and listening to our school children sing for the first time the Dies Irae) could still be given to God, despite every desperate scheme of satan in this day and age, and all of our losses of late: Here we were singing this solemn Requiem for gentle, good George, as we would in two days’ time for our newest Catholic, Ralph Patton, so soon called by Christ. Servers came, and singers, and life went on in the face of death. It is our Catholic way, and happens by the unique protection of Our Blessed Mother.

Thanks then to all of you who are doing funerals these days and Christmas decorations, and practicing carols and hanging garlands at St. Gertrude the Great. Thanks to you for sticking with us, and Our Lord. What a victory His Mother, Our Queen prepares with soldiers such as you! Thanks, too, for your enthusiastic participation in our Christmas Craft and Cookie sale. “A good time was-truly-had by all,” and a good amount (over $1,000.00) raised for our good works here at Church.

Indeed, it seems that classic Christmas spirit is overflowing here, anticipated already in Advent. We are warmed & cheered by the charity of it all, and feel closer to each other – family in some deep spiritual sense – than we have felt in a long time. Thanks be to the God of all “peace and hope.”

I look forward to seeing you all, and greeting you this Christmas, along with your family, and strangers and perhaps some stray souls, gingerly feeling their way back home. All will be welcome. As the Irish used to do, we’ll be leaving a light in the window for them.

A Blessed Christmas!
–Bishop Dolan