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St. John, ApEv

Listen to Bp. Dolan’s Christmas Sermon: Entering Bethlehem

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

I hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas holidays, with families and friends and feasting for our dear Savior’s birth. I welcome and thank Fr. Ercoli who is with us again today, as he was to help us for Christmas with his beautiful singing. I am visiting St. Clare in Columbus, and Fr. Cekada is again at the console at St. Gertrude. I thank him, too, for the beautiful Christmas music, especially for Midnight Mass, as well as our tremendous choir. Thanks to Katie and her helpers – especially the little ones for the lovely Church this Christmas. Be sure to take a tour and pray at the shrines. Take the little ones too. Please remember to bring the children to their Mass tomorrow, and our little party. This is a wonderful week to get to an extra Mass or two.

Fr. McGuire reports that Althea LeBlanc was radiant with joy the other day for her Christmas Communion, and that Fred Hauserman, now 101 and counting, is looking good but says he is starting to get a little forgetful! Keep them, and all of our shut in, in your prayers.

I will see you for New Year’s Mass. End the year well, in Jesus and Mary.
–Bishop Dolan