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The Holy Name of Jesus

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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

New Year’s greetings in the Holy Name of Jesus! May Jesus and Mary be often on your lips and always in your heart during this New Year, and it will be a blessed one.

Today we honor the Infant of Prague, as well as the Holy Name. Join us on Fridays for our Novena to the Divine Infant, in which we are confidently praying for continued peace and protection throughout this year, and the return of our dear fallen away brethren.

Our Christmas was peaceful, wasn’t it? It belonged to the children and the elders, those who may walk right in to Bethlehem’s Basilica. I thank the little ones who decorated and served and sang for His holy birth, and the sweet seniors who sang forth the carols at the 11 A.M. Mass on Christmas.

God bless and keep you, and those in between as well. We had a lot of true “comfort food” this Christmas, loving baskets for the clergy, and a very generous spread for the Midnight Mass reception. God bless you for bringing comfort and joy to others.

We received many compliments for the choir, the Christmas decorations, and the very beauty of the Midnight Mass this year. It was beautiful because it was simple yet elegant, rich and heartfelt worship rendered to the Newborn King. What a pleasure it was to hear High Mass or Vespers sung by Fr. Ercoli this Christmas. We are grateful for his visit, the supportive and loyal presence of Fr. McGuire, and our seminarian from Finland, Mr. Vili Lehtoranta. Fr. Larrabee was helping Fr. Zapp, but returns tomorrow. Come and visit with them all Wednesday evening for our Appreciation Dinner on the great feast of Epiphany.

Thank you for making this one of our best Christmases ever.

Yours in the Holy Name,
–Bishop Dolan