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Epiphany II

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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

We’ve already had our late January freeze, so I wonder if “Global Warming” will work in our favor, and we’ll have a temperate week? Well, whatever weather Our Lord chooses, will be fine with us, although …it is easier for so many to make it to church when it is not quite so cold and icy. St. Scholastica, pray for us!

This is a good week to make it to church, as we are praying daily the Chair of Unity Octave. Certainly Friday claims our attention with its annual Pro – Life Adoration and Reparation. Mothers, why not bring the children to the school Mass, or to the Children’s Holy Hour at 2:15? We are looking for adorers during Exposition from 2:15 until 5:45 PM. Can you help? “If not you, who?” Pat Patton likes to say, “If not now, when?” Wise words!

Fr. Siordia had a spot of TROUBLE during the Procession the night of January 3rd for the Fiesta of Our Lord of the Expiration. The police blocked the route, and tried to claim that there was a bomb, that the church would have to be closed, that the miraculous image would have to be left outside. Thank God that Our Lord and His Angels were with Fr. Siordia! It was only a plot of the corrupt police to steal the offerings of the Fiesta, and the statue as well, and give it to the Modernists. Father resisted, and everything concluded normally and peacefully. How the devil attacks our priests! Let us pray for them daily.

Fr. Cekada reports a good, but cool, week at our seminary, where quite a bit of work has been done on finishing the chapels, as well as preparing our future priests.

Our little scholars have resumed sweetly singing at the daily Mass now that school is in session again, and are sounding like little angels.

Won’t you remember to sign up for and make a Home Holy Hour once each month? The sign up poster is in the vestibule.

Christmas is still up at church for the full forty days until Candlemas. Thanks again to everyone for everything! My memories are many, but I think first of the children, who so creatively, and energetically decorated the church for Christ’s birth. Then, of the beautiful Christ Child Paul and Marlys put up over the Rood Screen, somehow finding time to do this just after the death of Paul’s mother. I was very touched by this. We will remember Ann Arlinghaus, George Wissing and Ralph Patton, in our prayers always, our three Christmas deaths.

Now in the new year we have just had our first wedding and, today, our first baptism of the year. Thank you for standing by us as we work to serve Almighty God, and to save souls.

On a lighter note, I must mention my most Catholic cat, Caravaggio. Although the Bishop’s cats in general can’t bear noise or crowds, Caravaggio most insistently wanted to come in from the cold for Midnight Mass. He couldn’t, but I’m glad so many of you did. May our Christmas graces stay with us all year long. May Our Lady of Hope “fill us with all hope and peace in believing.”

With a blessing –Bishop Dolan