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Epiphany III

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Today we close our Twelve Sundays of the Mother of Good Counsel, having again been saved by our Blessed Mother under this powerful title and devotion. Today as well we pray for the conversion of the Jews in the Chair of Unity Octave, which concludes tomorrow. Pray with us! Already this Friday we begin our Sorrowful Mother Novena after the evening Mass on the great feast of St. Francis de Sales.

Today I am giving the opening conference for our annual seminary retreat at Brooksville, Florida, which lasts through Friday. Please keep the fine young men who are our future priests in your prayers. Our seminary is under attack as well as our church and school. We take it as a compliment from the devil! May God reward richly all of our enemies by making them saints. Thank you for your prayers and continued financial support. Thank you for making the Novena with me to Our Lady of Hope.

I couldn’t resist publishing Fr. Martin’s most interesting and uplifting letter. I know you will enjoy it, and will keep this good priest of God in your prayers.

Let me close with a cute anecdote from our school. I forgot this past Tuesday morning that I had promised Fr. McGuire to take the First Grade Bible History Class for him, and was working at the rectory. Fr. McGuire was on business in Columbus, and Fr. Cekada was not free either. One child started to weep, and another put her head in her hands and exclaimed quite sincerely, “Oh, no! what will we do?” Well, Fr. Larrabee to the rescue! Class was taught much to the children’s satisfaction, and our school morning continued peacefully. God bless our little school!

God bless you as well. I will return on Friday afternoon, and really hope to see you at evening services!
–Bishop Dolan