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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Our blessed January ends today (and with it, soon, the Christmas season) and we view already a glimpse of Easter’s light after the purple and penance of our coming Lent. The days grow longer at long last, and there are little hints of Spring, regardless of whether or not our resident groundhog, Senex, stirs early on Candlemas to check his shadow.

Amongst the resolutions we all should make is to attend and support the daily Masses and devotions which make our parish life so rich at St. Gertrude the Great. Keep the bulletin handy for a little reminder of what is on offer. List some of your current needs and prayer petitions, and circle such and such a Mass or extra service so that you will remember to attend, and get in on the so many graces that here perish, unasked for. Bring the children, offer a ride to elders. Be a full time parishioner, and make your prayer time count. Come to church, but don’t forget those ever so important family and home prayers, including your monthly Home Holy Hour. Doris Ritze tells me they are still doing theirs, all of those years since the first time it was promoted in 1987. God bless you, Doris and Vic!

We seem indeed to have escaped our late January freeze, or to have anticipated it. (Florida was pleasant last week.) I hope the weather here will cooperate with church attendance this coming month which sees Lent start.

Thanks for your prayers for me and our seminarians on retreat. It was good to visit the seminary again, and to have some quiet spiritual days given over to the soul. Our retreat theme was “Devotion and devotions.” Holy Mother Church intends that Lent should be a retreat for every Catholic. Start planning – and praying – now for it to be so!

With a blessing,
–Bishop Dolan