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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

It is Sexagesima, the middle Sunday of the pre-Lenten season. The church it seems bare in its post-Christmas sobriety, a good sign of the seriousness of the soon coming forty day fast. Still, joy fills our hearts, engendering generosity towards the good God who is ever so good to us.

Last Sunday I asked for prayers, too, for our seminary which was under attack, even as we promised our prayers for the Poor Souls all Lent. On Monday the pro-Seminary prayers were answered, and we give all the credit to Our Lady and the Poor Souls. Set aside a double Lenten Alms in your planning: Masses for the Holy Souls, and a special gift to the Seminary, which is our lifeblood, who should be its as well.

What a joy it was to be graced at Candlemas with so many priests, all of whom have some seminary connection. Fr. Ercoli joined us from the seminary, I had just been there for the retreat, busy Fr. Cekada is a visiting professor there, and Fr. McGuire and Fr. Larrabee are both graduates of this fine house of priestly training. Completing our number is the Rev. Mr. Guillaume Hecquand, a seminarian from France, who is with us through Easter, and will be ordained a deacon here March 25.

We have only today, but our duties today include preparing priests for tomorrow, for our children. Thank you for your assistance. Thank you, too, for helping to feed us today. Give us a call if you can drop off a meal. The church will reimburse your expenses if you’d like, and God will richly reward you.

Thanks so much to all of those cooks who worked in God’s kitchen or their own to prepare the simply beautiful Candlemas, glowing with the light of Christ, and the soup supper, warm with charity’s fire. It was a splendid feast, and we were so happy to have ten members of the Patton family with us (and from so far!) Bud Patton celebrated his birthday with us, as did the Rev. Mr. Hecquard, both born on the Purification.

Thank you for persevering in prayer for our church, for your Novenas and home holy hours (please continue them) and rosaries. Our church and school (such an important part of the parish) life continues steady in our New Year, going from strength to strength. It has been especially encouraging to welcome many visitors since Advent. Make a point to smile and say hello, won’t you?

One of our faithful suggested a nice idea to show our love for our fallen away members. If you know of someone in this boat (or actually, out of the boat!) why, just drop off or send a Sunday Bulletin from time to time, perhaps with a friendly note. Be sure the bulletin will be read, especially the “good parts.” Thank you for your love for your church, and everyone in our St. Gertrude family!

With a Blessing,
–Bishop Dolan