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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

After Candlemas’ cruel promise of early Spring, Winter has come for a second flight. Its severe beauty dazzles us, leaving everything white in its snow reflected light, cold and bright. The world has forgotten what Winter is in its obsession with “global warming.” Our Creator, however, has seen fit to remind us as the Psalmist says, “He made us, and not we ourselves.” Let us then praise God again for ice and snow, and do our best to get about His business each day, as weather permits.

Still, Spring waits at the door. “Holy Spring,” Lent, comes for its annual visit on Wednesday, and surely Mother Nature will not long lag behind Mother Church. The longer days point the way, and we continue to pray for timely relief from Winter’s blasts. Let us ask the Holy Souls to help us with this, and all of our needs this springtime of the soul, which this year we dedicate to them.

Happy St. Valentines’ Day, and an enjoyable Mardi Gras to all, these last days before Lent. Relax and rejoice some before the penance comes, but do be thinking and planning how you will help the Poor Souls come Wednesday and its blessed Ashes. May they inspire us and help us to help them so that for all of us this will be the best Lent, the most charitable Lent, ever.

Fr. Cekada has been working intently on the final touches for his book on the New Mass, the fruit of many years of research and thought and writing. Please pray St. Francis de Sales to bless this work, and render it fruitful for God’s glory.

As usual, ashes will be given out all day long on Wednesday. Be thinking what time you and your family will come to receive this powerful sacramental. Start your Lent well. You will be surprised at what will follow.

God bless you for a blessed Shrovetide.
–Bishop Dolan