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Lent I

Missed Bp. Dolan’s Ash Wednesday Sermon? Listen Here: Pray for Souls in Need

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

We started this Lent in the cold dead white of Winter. The Holy Souls, however, provided warmth against the chill by their presence which filled the pews and swelled the congregation, as they drew near to find relief, and speedy assistance by our prayers. May their Spring be in paradise, and our Winter soon ended.

I very much appreciate all of you who made such a successful St. Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, and as well those who literally dug themselves out of the snow Tuesday morning so that the children would not miss their Mardi-Gras, and all would be ready for Lent come Ash Wednesday morning. We offered the Mass of the Holy Face and closed the Triduum before going on to one last pre-Lenten party, which was enjoyed by all.

For so many, however, this Winter has been no party. Some seniors, having no one to dig them out (think of the Poor Souls!) or help them to church, languish at home with holy desires. Meanwhile, one wonders if perhaps all of this ice and snow across the United States is not an editorial comment from the Creator on the already debunked myth of Global Warming. The reality of hell’s incredible heat, and that of Purgatory, “the pain of the senses,” is replaced by a fable. Let us, at least, not be deceived, and dedicate our Lent to rescuing many souls from the real pain of Purgatory’s mystic fires.

The first full week of Lent opens today! Have your plan, your prayers and penances to hand. Pray quietly at home, in your Holy Hours, and here at church, in Holy Mass and Stations. Use the daily devotional you receive with your bulletin for some quiet reflection and prayer each day. Make the Friday Evening of Recollection with us. Pray the Rosary.

Fr. Cekada goes to the seminary today, and Fr. Ercoli has kindly come to assist us. By exception this Sunday we are giving out again ashes, due to last week’s weather. Remember, you who will one day return to dust, to give your good works and prayers to the Poor Souls this Lent. May they lend us something of their flames to warm our hearts with true devotion these days.

God bless you,
–Bishop Dolan