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Lent II

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

“Come Winter, have another flight,” the verse reads for a sunny Candlemas dawn. Ours was cloudy, but Winter came back anyway, giving us, with its difficulties and crosses, many opportunities for Lenten sacrifices. The ones God chooses are always better than the ones we pick.

Persevere in your devotion to the Poor Souls, and extra Lenten Masses, as well as giving alms for Masses for them. I was edified at the good number of Mass offerings we received. Please keep it up. What a reward comes to the merciful!

We priests are edified as well by the devotion of our school boys who want to continue our tradition of Noontime Lenten Vespers after Mass. They not only sacrifice part of their lunch period, but also participate quite audibly, and well, in the chant. God reward them for this extra sacrifice for His glory. Perhaps you would like to attend the Vespers sometimes as part of your Lent?

Through the good work started with the Baptism of Joseph Murphy on Death Row twenty years ago, a number of other prisoners have “put on Christ” and been converted. Some of them are scheduled for execution and need the support of our prayers. God bless Fr. McGilloway and the other CMRI priests who have continued and expanded this apostolate. Fr. Palma, who has often visited and helped us here at St. Gertrude, has been installed as the successor, after many difficulties, of Fr. LeBlanc, at Our Lady of the Sun in Phoenix. The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas have moved their novitiate there to the spacious house built by the devoted founding pastor, and will be opening a little school. Please remember this apostolate, and the Sisters, and Fr. Palma in your prayers.

March opens tomorrow with St. Joseph’s patronage. Our week closes with All Night Adoration. Please pray to St. Joseph for a successful one, as there is no greater remedy for all of a church’s needs than Solemn Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We have missed two months in a row due to New Year’s Day and a snowstorm. May all unite around the Monstrance!

Father Cekada reports a good week at the seminary, and progress towards the publishing of his book. We look forward to having some of the Florida clergy and seminarians with us for Holy Week.

May God bless you for a wonderful Lent. See you at Stations, and maybe even at Vespers!

–Bishop Dolan