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Lent III

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

I write this on a sunny, early (very early) Spring day, hoping the fullness of this season of rebirth will soon be ours: sun in the soul as well as the sky; rebirth for our spiritual, family and church life. Meanwhile Caravaggio and Puccini are unusually chipper and frolicsome. I think they are on the trail of some nice baby bunnies, though I wish they would stick to mice.

“Behold, how good it is, and how pleasant, when brethren dwell as one.” How comforting to see Helfta Hall last week full of Recollection children, contently munching on their chicken McNuggets. (Thanks to all who helped!) How good are our Friday night suppers, between Mass and Stations. Thanks to our master chef, Jim Soli, and all who participate. Thanks to our Lenten Vegetarian cooks who are feeding the clergy. We had Fr. Saavedra with us for a very pleasant, international meal last Monday – Mexican, French and American.

Lent at St. Gertrude is the season for fasting, but also for eating. These meals promote charity and maintain a friendly, united spirit. Come, eat with us!

Well, I have Mexican food on my menu this week, as I make my annual trip south of the border. I will pray for you all at the “Baby Doctor’s office” in Tepeaca, the shrine of the miraculous image of the Holy Child Jesus, Doctor of the Sick. I also go to Dos Rios and Atlalaucan for Mass, Confirmations, and visits with the clergy and faithful. Please keep me in your prayers, as well as Fr. Siordia who is kindly putting me up, and accompanying me on my trip.

We thank Fr. Disposito for helping us today, as Fr. Cekada (seminary week) and I both prepare to depart for a few days. When we return, it will soon be time for St. Patrick, St. Joseph’s Mass and Table, the Annunciation Ordination to the Diaconate, The Seven Sorrows and a special talk on the Holy Shroud, and then Holy Week and Easter. These are the best days and weeks of the year. Spring is here!

May St. Joseph bless your March.
–Bishop Dolan