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Lent IV

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Let us rejoice this Sunday not that Lent will too soon be over, but that God’s mercies have given us yet another season of prayer and penance, that glorious and delightful time we call Lent.

Still, some standard rejoicing is on the calendar this week with the feasts of St. Patrick and St. Joseph. I remember growing up in Detroit before the changes, and attending parochial school. The Irish of course celebrated St. Patrick, but how curious I thought it was that the Polish and Italians celebrated St. Joseph’s Day. We never heard too much about him, and I remember thinking as a little boy that I should pray to him, because no one else did! Happily, our children get to hear plenty about great St. Joseph, and rightly so. See you on Friday!

How consoling to consider that the life of the Church goes on, and always from strength to strength. We have a number of Catechumens preparing for Holy Baptism, and marriages to be blessed as well at this season. Thanks be to God for steady growth. Our Argentinian seminarian, German Fleiss, will be ordained a subdeacon this Saturday, “Sitientes.” Our French subdeacon will be ordained a deacon next week on the Annunciation. What further cause for rejoicing, and prayers is this!

We are hoping to have our Girls’ Camp here June 22-24, with some of the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas. Mark your calenders. I’m waiting to hear from Fr. Saavadra about the Boys’ Camp. I got a kick out of a comment I heard about Girls’ Camp being “too churchy” last year. Hellooo! We’re a church, and God grant us the grace to put Him first in our lives, and in the hearts of our dear little ones.

Aren’t the choirs sounding good these days? Both children and adults give great glory to God, and beauty to our ears. We even have a little “ad hoc” Lenten Fridays Girls Choir which is making a wonderful contribution. We are all looking forward to Holy Week and Easter.

God bless and keep you all, and reward you for your charity and prayers.

–Bishop Dolan