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Passion Sunday

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

This year’s Spring is as splendid as it is sudden, and so, so welcome. It seems only a fortnight ago that all was dark and chill, and now the sun has coaxed the crocuses into bloom. I write this on a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day, both within and without. After a hard winter and and in the midst of a truly sacrificial Lent, we were ready for a little celebration, and celebrate we did. The sanctuary was all shining and green for the well sung High Mass, and our sacristan, Katie, treated the children (and others!) to her “green chocolate” fountain at lunch which, with the sunshine and the story, made for such a pleasant day. Many thanks!

I thank you for your concern and prayers for my Mexican trip. It is true that it grows more dangerous each year, but God is good. I prayed for you all to the Holy Doctor Jesus, and Our Lord of the Expiration. This year’s trip was simpler (and cheaper) and left me more time for prayer as I stayed in Fr. Siordia’s new convento, like ours a house for extra clergy and guests, right on the grounds of the church. We had a wonderful visit together, as well as with several other priests, and the faithful, and the eight Franciscan Sisters at Atlalaucan. Please keep Fr. Siordia, and all of our priests, in your prayers. He was thrice attacked by the devil this winter. The last of these was a familiar sounding attempt to remove him as pastor of his parish. His enemies went door to door with a calumnious letter (the old way; poor Mexicans are blessed not to have internet), accusing him of vile sins, as once people accused the Curé of Ars. Bishop Sanborn says it is as though there was lately a council of demons in hell who planned these attacks on our clergy. Exactly.

Meanwhile, Fr. Siordia goes on offering Mass at more and more places, healing the sick and driving out demons, and burying the dead. He gives a good example, and much wise counsel, to his brother priests, and all of the faithful. Let us redouble our zeal these blessed days of Passiontide, both to celebrate Christ’s saving passion, and to pray for the Poor Souls, the sick, and all under Satan’s sway. May Our Lady of Sorrows make it so, and with her virginal spouse St. Joseph, bless and protect us all. A Blessed Passiontide!

–Bishop Dolan