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Palm Sunday

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Palm Sunday! A day of victory and of defeat, a day, too, for donkeys! Humble beast, and so blessed to bear the Lamb in all humility as He rides meekly on to die. Let us, sinners, make this the best Holy Week ever by “bearing one another’s burdens” these blessed days, and so we shall fulfill the law of Christ.

We had our best attendance for our Lenten Friday Evenings on St. Joseph’s Day, with his table yielding food for us and the poor, and the stations in his honor. Let us all work together in the spirit of St. Joseph, patron of workers, for all that needs to be done at church and home and in the soul.

Fr. Ercoli was with us for the Annunciation Pontifical Mass of Diaconal Ordination for the Rev. Mr. Hecquard, and has now departed to help Fr. Zapp in California. Fr. Disposito and three of our fine seminarians are with us from Florida. You be with us too! If we all work and pray together, this will be another memorable and grace filled Holy Week. May Our Lady of Sorrows make it so!

I send home with you the blessing of St. Joseph for a wonderful Holy Week.
–Bishop Dolan