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Easter Sunday

If you missed Bp. Dolan’s Holy Week sermons, be sure to listen to them here:

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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

A very blessed Easter Sunday to you! May the blessings of the Risen Savior resound in the souls of those priests and faithful who have shared the blessings of their time and talents with us, for God’s glory, perhaps as never before in the history of our church. Thanks to you, your work – and tears, our traditions and customs, (those of the Catholic Church most of all) have not been lost, but have been lived once again this Lent for God’s glory, “for the building up of the Body of Christ,” and for the relief of the poor forgotten souls in Purgatory. Indeed, ours is a very blessed Easter, for we are blessed in so many people, in so many ways.

Our Palm Sunday was a good example of this. How beautiful was our sanctuary, how solemn and inspiring the ceremonies at the threshold of Holy Week. The weather, true, was threatening and we had to make do without our donkeys or going outdoors with our procession, but all within was heavenly. How beautifully did our “angels” resound behind the closed doors of the church, standing for Heaven, during the singing of the “Gloria Laus.” But then again, angels often walk in our midst, unknown to us!

May the angels of the Resurrection make you to know the peace of this day, and never let you forget again those who are shut out of the perfect peace of Paradise, the souls in Purgatory. We have made friends of them this Lent. Let us not let this friendship lapse on our part again.

With a prayer for peace for the dead and for the living, in Christ who was dead but Who now lives, I give you my Easter blessing,
–Bishop Dolan