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Easter IV

Good Friday, 2010
Click on the photo above for pictures from our beautiful Holy Week and Easter ceremonies.

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Today we are having a quiet Easter Sunday, and the young priests are both here to help Fr. Cekada. I am visiting St. Clare in Columbus again. Last Sunday morning at the Major Litanies our church reminded me of the temple in Jerusalem, all full of processing crowds, chanting, and solemn sacrifice. Our children’s choir at the 11:30 made me think of angels singing during St. Gregory the Great’s procession. (We all hope they’ll sing again soon.) Surely St. Michael himself was pleased with our prayers, and sheathed the sword of God’s wrath.

Yesterday, First Saturday, we opened Mary’s month. Our May altar this year honors Our Lady of Lourdes, the Immaculate Conception, and the Victory of Christ which made her so. Here we will gather most days for May Devotions, and would be happy to have you gather with us!

Did you know that all day on Sunday is the Lord’s Day? This is easily forgotten, even by our own, who easily excuse themselves from Sunday Mass. Since this is essential to keep up a Catholic life and save one’s soul, it should be of concern to us all. One form of reparation for those who do not keep holy the Lord’s Day, is to keep it holy “the old way,” at least once in awhile. “Make the sacrifice,” you who do not live so far, to come to Sunday Vespers, the compliment to morning High Mass, and our afternoon thanksgiving for the blessings of the Sabbath day. Try to come once a month. A translation is provided, and Benediction is given. You will get in on the extra devotions of the day, e.g. May Devotions this month. You may even enjoy the Sunday afternoon drive to church, the peace and beauty of the quiet anticipated evening service.

We had a simple but touching “family Vespers” on April 18th, and hieratic Vespers last Sunday – a bishop, a deacon and a priest in the sanctuary. Today we are having Holy Cross Vespers. I would welcome more servers, as well as more faithful. “Remember the Lord’s Day, to keep it holy.”

Our thanks go to Eldon and Dale, who are keeping our extensive grounds in good order, and to God, for the timely rains which keep everything green this beautiful Spring.

Our deacon got off safely home to France last Monday. It was a pleasure having him with us these months.

May is always a busy time, with Confirmation and May Crowning, Rogations and a Holy Day, as well as daily devotions to Our Lady. Be sure to set up your May altar, and set your heart to honor Our Blessed Mother. See you in church!

May Mary keep you close to Jesus.
–Bishop Dolan