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Easter V

Our Lourdes Grotto on Mother's Day
New slide-show posted May 14: Click the above photo for images from our Greater Litanies Procession in April, and from our 2010 May Crowning.

We also have a short video clip of our May Crowning available above.

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

A Happy Mothers Day is my prayer and greeting this May Crowning Sunday. Mothers, crown Mary queen in your own heart, and make Blessed Mother queen of your home by your prayer and example. And in times of sorrow, remember “She is more mother than queen,” as St. Therese said, and take all your cares and tears and troubles to Mary. May she show you how to make Jesus reign as King of Love in your family.

We have received many compliments on the strikingly beautiful Holy Week photos as well as those of my recent visit to Mexico, posted on our sgg.org website. Many thanks to those who took, and those who posted these precious pictures, as well as those who participated in these memorable ceremonies this year.

Ceremonies continue at St. Gertrude the Great just about year round, don’t they? Miss Sharon Patton and the little school children were out the other morning planting the freshly blessed Palm Crosses of Holy Cross Day in Paschaltide. We’re praying they sprout into spiritual and even temporal protection for our church against the foe.

Similar intentions of prayer for protection, for good weather and harvest, and most of all peace send us forth five days in a row this week for May Crowning and Rogations and Rosary Processions. The age of miracles is not past. What has passed from most men is the fervent spirit of prayer, a supernatural viewpoint on things. Let us pray most of all for this “good spirit” and how readily and devoutly we will return to praying.

Oh, and pray for me and all of our priests, that we never weary of urging you to assist at these extra observances, devotions, feast days and Masses and processions, nor that we ever tire of doing all that we can to schedule, organize and celebrate them, in the face even of seeming indifference at times. This is our secret, and all of our strength, our Sampsons’ hair which must never be sheared.

This month of May sees the publication of Fr. Cekada’s monumental yet quite approachable book on the “New Mass”: “Work of Human Hands, a Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI.” Later this month Father will be presenting his new book here, and signing copies. This great work is destined to do much good. God be praised!

May Our Blessed Mother, newly crowned as our Queen today, go home with you and bring Jesus there.
–Bishop Dolan

Good Friday, 2010