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Pentecost IV

Solemnity of Corpus Christi
Photos posted June 13th. Click the photo above for a slide-show from our Mass, First Communions, and Benedictions on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Summer rest! Well, surely a change from routine for many (at least with the lovely long days) and maybe a vacation as well. But it is surely a busy time too with all of the travelling, planning and packing…and playing. Here at church it is quiet in a sense, but also very busy as we keep up our daily worship, the round of feasts and devotions, the Mass, all of which are at our very heart. But there are many comings and goings as well.

This week we welcome the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas (now established in Florida and Arizona) and the young ladies for our Summer camp. We welcome everyone to our annual St. John’s Eve festivities {Mass, Vespers, Cookout, Blessing of the bonfire and campfire activities,} which will also serve as a nice occasion to meet the sisters.

Meanwhile, a busy Fr. Cekada has finished his last week of seminary teaching, and done two book tours, one in Florida and one in Michigan. Please do your part to promote this wonderful book.

Fr. McGuire and I are preparing to leave for France on Thursday. Father has kindly agreed to serve as MC and chauffeur for the Bishop, as I return to France for the ordination of the Abbé Hecquard. I’m going to show Fr. McGuire some of the wonderful shrines in the area (St. Bernadette, Paray le Monial, and Ars) as we make another trip to visit and encourage our fellow Catholics in France. We should return July 5th.

We had a pleasant breeze and dry – if humid – weather for our Rosary procession last Sunday evening, and a nice turn out of the faithful for our public prayers for peace.

It’s always a treat now to see anyone in the pews for a weekday Mass, and so edifying to consider how many do manage one or more Masses. Could you? Here Jesus waits, “awaiting, calling and welcoming all who come to visit Him.”

We had one of our best St. Anthony Animal Blessings last Tuesday, with traditional dogs and cats, the Simpson travelling kitten box, and our own gold fish at the grotto. When my cats heard the dogs, they demurred from assisting at the ceremony, and ran off. I wonder if the Bishop’s cats fall into the Pastor’s kids category?

Well, Puccini could certainly have used a blessing. The now all too familiar and piteous rabbit wails drew my attention the other evening. Caravaggio and I went to investigate and it seems his brother had bagged his own baby bunny. Things were too far along to intervene, and I had to resign myself (as we must all, at times) to letting nature take its course.

Well, nature is at its best these June days – at least when the humidity goes down for awhile. Enjoy nature, and let its beauty often elevate mind and heart to our Creator, and His marvelous plan for us all.

With a Blessing,
–Bishop Dolan

work-of-human-hands-cover-for-webFr. Cekada’s book on the New Mass.