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Pentecost XI

Bishop’s Corner

Did you know there is a connection between the “Dog Days” of August, and dogs? Last Wednesday’s St. Dominic is symbolized by a dog with a torch in its mouth, as seen by his pregnant mother, Blessed Jane, in a dream. Later in a Latin pun on his name, his Friars Preachers or Dominicans were called “the hounds of the Lord,” Domini Canes. August 4th is also the feast of St. Swithney, patron of mad dogs. Water from his well in Wales was used to cure rabies in dogs.

It’s unpleasantly hot around much of the Northern Hemisphere at this time of the year. The Romans have a saying that only “cane e Americani,” dogs and Americans, move about in August, and they leave the Eternal City to the tourists. The French all go on vacation at the same time, the month of August.

Well, we’re still moving about here, getting ready for the Assumption, school opening in September, as well as the care of our sick and our missions. I’m off visiting our Louisiana mission today, hoping those good people have not been too hurt by the oil spill.

I write this on the refreshingly entitled feast of Our Lady of the Snows. Although we fear when it comes, snow always seems welcome in August. Actually, a little serious rain would be welcome as well. We started watering a little last week. All of our Summer thunder and lightning yields only a minute or two of rain.

I’m hoping to see more monstrances in August for our Children’s Eucharistic League. Parents, how about it? We’re missing the extra Mass day this month, since Assumption falls on a Sunday. How about making an extra Mass this week or next? I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent attendance on St. Dominic’s day. You never know. Let’s have more pleasant surprises!

Wishing you a pleasant week, and safe travels,
–Bishop Dolan