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Pentecost XV

Bishop’s Corner
I hope you all are enjoying a nice last weekend of Summer, as we celebrate Labor Day. This holiday, like all of our American observances, readily directs the mind and heart beyond the cook outs, get-togethers and politicians’ speeches which characterize our first weekend in September. It is more even than a little time for rest, and to catch up with friends and family. The very term “labor”directs us to its patron St. Joseph, and reminds us to remember him, and not just during March! May he bless our labors, render them fruitful, and help us to sanctify them after his example, in the company of Jesus and Mary. Take a moment today or tomorrow to think about your life and labors, to rededicate your work to God and His glory. Talk things over a bit with “someone upstairs” and “be ye thankful.” You will surely return to work on Tuesday refreshed and ready for God’s will that day. Hear Mass for the holiday, to hallow your labors every day, if possibly you can.

Fr. Cekada and I visited a small group of the faithful last Sunday in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I offered Mass in a very beautiful family chapel, and visited with a catechumen or two. One non-catholic lady was drawn to the Faith by a Rosary she once heard prayed publicly. Our Lady is still mercifully moving in our midst, the Conquistadora conquering souls. But please pray for these Catholics, who must make do for long stretches of time without the Sacraments. They are four hours from Fr. Mardones’ Mass in El Paso, and eight from Fr. Palma in Phoenix.

How blessed we are a St. Gertrude the Great! As we go into another season, resolve to go to Mass and Communion for those who would, but cannot. Of course, remember too those who should, but will not. What powerful weapons, what comforting solace await us at church each day…ours for the asking, or ours to turn away. This is a work which calls us all, all year long, a labor which invites, and rewards us in this life and the next.

We open our school on Wednesday with the Blessed Mother’s Birthday, and invite all of our children to join us for the special birthday observances. We offer a gift for each child, as well as the cake and ice cream for the party. Bring your children to Mary’s cradle, and you will be giving her a gift she earnestly desires.

September, month of the Holy Cross and the Seven Sorrows, also sees us bless our sick, and our children, (seven Sorrows and Angel Sunday) and finally each other with our presence at our annual picnic. But let us begin with good St. Joseph, and all will be well.

A blessed September!
–Bishop Dolan