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Advent I

Bishop’s Corner
Advent Sunday is also Thanksgiving Sunday this year, a fitting combination because of the many blessings God has showered upon us of late, blessings (both crosses and crowns) which prepare His advent in to our hearts and lives.

The devil usually stirs up some trouble around Forty Hours, as he cannot bear the Solemn Adoration of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Troubles, mostly minor, we had a plenty, but everything went forward, and beautifully so.

Our attendance throughout the weekend was very good, and excellent for the closing ceremonies on Sunday evening. However, it was the participation of the little children and the men of the Guard of Honor which most struck me.

How wonderful it is for our children to be growing up so close to the sacred ceremonies, so involved with the Blessed Sacrament. Our school children spent the day with Jesus in the monstrance on Saturday, singing, serving and taking turns adoring. What an excellent education this is. The little ones did a good job escorting the Blessed Sacrament, and casting rose petals before the monstrance. On Sunday evening some of the children, having done the calculations, feared the petals would run out, so they surreptitiously tore their allotted petals in two, so as to make them last. How sweet is their innocence.

The men, heroicly coming all through the night, have the great privilege of praying quietly so close to God’s throne, and thus leave us an excellent example, and bring home many blessings! Men, remember your posts this Friday night.

Let’s all get off to a good start today for Advent, shall we? Give something up, get some spiritual reading and extra Masses in, be charitable to others. Come to Vespers this afternoon. Let the Forty Hours graces bring you back to Adoration this First Friday. Honor Mary Immaculate this First Saturday.

Have a blessed Advent!
–Bishop Dolan