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The Holy Family

Bishop’s Corner
I write this column on Epiphany itself, after a beautiful morning Mass sung by our school children, and a very nice brunch with everyone to celebrate “Little Christmas”. The day is overcast and perhaps portends snow. We shall see. We managed to get in a story or two for the little ones, who also chanted Vespers and got Our Lord’s Benediction. A truly blessed day!

Still to come as I write is our Friday Night Appreciation Dinner, following one of Fr. Fliess’ first Solemn Masses. Fr. Fliess replaced Fr. Palma at Our Lady of the Sun in Phoenix for Christmas: quite an assignment for a newborn priest, but I believe he did very well. Bishop Sanborn’s priests and nuns are serving this parish now, begun years ago by Fr. LeBlanc. Controversies and divisions have taken their toll on its attendance, (they always do; the devil’s work!) but I am confident the zealous fervor of young priests and religious with which this old parish is blessed will yield its fruit in due season. Keep them in your prayers.

I do not yet have any news of Christ the King Abbey, but do ask you to continue your prayers. How important it is to know why we do as we do. Know your faith. Today Fr. Cekada returns with Fr. Fliess and Mr. Lehtoranta to the seminary. Father returns here this Thursday, and Fr. McGuire tomorrow evening from Milwaukee. They are having High Mass with the homeschoolers there tomorrow. Today Fr. Larrabee will be visiting our St. Clare faithful, gathered in Chillicothe.

Christmas always passes in a blur of wrapping paper and parties and prayers, doesn’t it? Now begins the quieter, calmer Christmas. Keep it with us, and at home. Today is the feast of the Holy Family. Gather the family and do the Epiphany Blessing. Keep up the tree, and be inspired to keep up the family Rosary. Make some beautiful Christmas Masses during the week. A Blessed Christmastide to you
and your family.

–Bishop Dolan