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Epiphany V

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Bishop’s Corner
February, whose name means “to purify by sacrifice,” one author says, slid in on Tuesday, making an icy entrance for the shortest of months. Fr. Cekada, St. Francis de Sales-like, had to crawl on his knees to make it to Mass that morning. The last few feet were the proverbial sheet of ice, but the Holy Sacrifice was offered as scheduled.

February’s surprise was the excellent attendance for our Candlemas, and its winter soup supper, only twenty-four hours after such severe weather, and with more snow on the way. The soups were delicious, and the music made by our young people for the Pontifical Mass delightful, so pleasing in its purity of tone. Our masters of ceremony had to scramble with a number of new servers in unfamiliar roles, but, again, all acquitted themselves very well. Thanks to all who cooked, and came, and helped clean up too!

Well, I’m out of the way of the weather, having left for Cocoyoc, Mexico, with a chest cold on Friday. Let’s hope the sun does me some good, and shines as it should in Cincinnati (Senex did not see his shadow Candlemas morn). I should return Thursday evening from my pastoral visit. Thank you for your good wishes and prayers for a safe trip. I, in return, am praying for you all (and leaving many names) at Our Lord of the Expiration, near the miraculous image, where I am staying for several days. Of course, I will stop at the shrine of the Holy Child Jesus, Doctor of the Sick, and pray especially for all of our sick, and all of our children. It will be good to see our Mexican fathers and faithful again.

Fr. Ercoli reports from Seattle that his new chapel is small, and the people do not have custom of daily Mass attendance. I am sure, however, that his priestly zeal will change that in time. Fr. Larrabee performed his brother’s wedding last Saturday at Christ the King Abbey in Alabama. His reception was cordial, and the wedding went well, but the two remaining monks were understandably reluctant to discuss their future plans. Fr. Francis, O.F.M., of Lafayette, Louisiana, is a good friend of ours and the abbey, and does not think anything will happen in the short term, so we have time to pray. Father has been hosting Fr. Bernard, O.S.B. who was expelled in December from the monastery for his uncompromising Catholic position.

But we still have time to pray! Young Joseph Brueggemann was found without cancer last week, doubtless due to so many prayers for him. So, let us pray for our sick, and for the monastery and for the Church. Join us Friday as we open our Triduum to Our Lady of Lourdes.

May Mary bring you Jesus our little Doctor, with all of His healing, and may the good doctor Bishop Blaise, saint and martyr, bless you all over with good health.

–Bishop Dolan