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Pentecost VII

The following weekday Masses will be webcast this week: (This is not an exhaustive list of Masses. Click “Download the Bulletin” for additional Mass times.)

Mon: 9:00 AM
Tue: 8:00 AM
Wed: 8:00 AM
Thu: 8:00 AM
Fri: 5:45 PM

Bishop’s Corner
Long, warm July comes to an end today with “God’s fireman” St. Ignatius, who, like His Lord, “came to cast fire upon the earth.” What a miserable end the Society of Jesus made. “The corruption of the best is the worst.” Those who had the most to offer were the first to go, the object of the world’s attack, and that of Hell. Well, that leaves us, doesn’t it? “Save us from the fires of Hell,” we pray, but not often enough. What an important role each of you play in the warm up to the last great battle! You have a lot to offer, and the needs are great. “If not you, who?”

I thank you for your help for the Boys’ Camp. I hope to have a report for you next Sunday, but I’m sure the fathers, and the boys, all had a good time. I thank you in advance for your participation in First Friday this week, especially All Night Adoration. We need more adorers. Come yourself, and bring a friend, Men, invite your wives to come out with you. The pews are empty all night long many months now. Let’s draw down Heaven’s best blessings by the Blessed Sacrament. Invite someone you know to join the Guard of Honor, or simply to come with you to First Friday.

Last monday Fr. Cekada and I made our annual pilgrimage to the very beautiful Sanctuary of Chimayo in the picturesque hills of New Mexico. This shrine honors a miraculous crucifix, Our Lord of Esquipalas, possibly from Guatemala. There is also a miraculous Holy Infant of Atocha in a chapel next door. The image was once a 19th century German doll. The Divine Infant is said to make the rounds when there is a need. Still today people offer baby shoes in case the Infant gets his feet dirty. This second chapel is actually the result of some kind of split many years ago. This should be a consolation for us. We prayed for all of our intentions, and yours, especially our parish, our sick, priests, the fallen away, charity, unity and also our enemies. It is always wonderful to visit “America’s Lourdes” and devoutly to use and then carry away some of the holy dirt from the shrine.

I also was able to see our country’s oldest Madonna, La Conquistadora, an exquisitely politically incorrect title, but so fitting then and now. She is majestic in her beaury but it is the beauty of one who has suffered very much, and will show us how, head held high, eyes straight ahead. “Be it done unto me according to Thy word.” I was only able to see her a few times, as her chapel was being painted after the annual feast. Here too I prayed for everybody.

Monday was a very fitting day for a pilgrimage. July 25 is the feast of the patron of pilgrims, St. James the Greater, whom the Spanish call “the Moor Slayer.” I think we need his help today, in order properly to defend Christian civilization. Monday was also the day of St. Christopher, patron of safe travel. Say a Hail Mary to invoke his protection every morning as you head out.

Do all with prayer, and you are bound to do well. It’s good to be back at St. Gertrude the Great. we have a great month in store for us, even as Summer starts to wane for some. I hope your summer continues well. It will if you live each day, whether of work or rest, with Mary and in her Heart. May she enfold you with her care!

-Bishop Dolan