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Pentecost XI

The following weekday Masses will be webcast this week: (This is not an exhaustive list of Masses. Click “Download the Bulletin” for additional Mass times.)

Mon: 8:00 AM
Tue: 8:00 AM
Wed: 8:00 AM
Thu: 8:00 AM
Fri: 8:00 AM

Bishop’s Corner
St. Augustine’s Day, which we owe to God’s mercy and to St. Monica’s prayers, reminds us of the importance of patience with God, and perseverance in prayer. Word has recently reached us from Bishop Pivarunas that Fr. Michael, OSB of Christ the King Abbey has returned to the Catholic Church after a brief foray into the conciliar church, which told him he was never a Benedictine, and maybe not even a priest. (Imagine the nerve! They produce nothing but invalid priests, but don’t know what to do with the odd valid one who comes their way.)

Now, we were praying for Christ the King Abbey after Christmas, praying to the Divine Infant and Little King (always a good idea). How many must have been praying! Even though he formally joined the Novus Ordo in Lent, by Eastertide, Fr. Michael thought better of it. Never forget the power of prayer. Persevere in prayer and be patient with God. Let us continue to pray for poor Fr. Sebastian, the last remaining monk in the building, which is currently conducted by some Chicago “canons of kingdom come,” or some such thing. May the Little King soften His wandering son’s heart, and call him home.

There are many ways to pray, both at church (daily Masses, devotions, visits, and novenas) and at home (especially the family Rosary, the Holy Hour, and family or private prayers, novenas, etc.). But we like especially to confide our intentions to our Rosary Chain, whose members promise a decade for each call or intention they receive. Darlene does the calling usually, but sometimes Mary will send out an email to those who use it, or Fr. Cekada will send one to the entire parish. Thank you for your patient, persevering prayer. Oh, we’d welcome more members, of course. Call the office or give your information to Darlene. Our system is a little bumpy at times, but it’s the prayers that count.

We had a nice number of visitors last Sunday, especially Kentucky and Michigan cousins, some passing through town, some here for the baptism of Joe and Martha Schappacher’s (that’s a venerable old family name in our history) first son. Our happiness was increased because this was our new deacon’s first baptism. God grant he administer hundreds more in a fruitful priestly apostolate.

Our Nigerian seminarian, Mr. Bede Okechukraru, has left us already, being needed to help prepare the seminary for the new school year. We certainly enjoyed his all too brief visit with us, and are grateful for his help here. Our deacon and cleric are scheduled to return to assist at our Forty Hours Devotion October 7-9.

School is gearing up for another year, with opening set for September 7 . I am grateful to our school children who sang and served for our summer weekday feasts, and often brought their families with them. God reward their piety! The Bonaventura girls provided important assistance as well. We are grateful to them, and to our faithful adult and junior servers. They all help make St. Gertrude the “powerhouse” of prayer it is.

Fr. Larrabee is back from California (where he helped Fr. Zapp last weekend) as is Miss Michelle Mikesells, returning for her second year teaching at our school. This year Fr. McGuire will be attending to Milwaukee and his many little missions, spiritual life support for isolated Catholics, and helping us here as well. Fr. McGuire reports our new St. Clare chapel is coming along nicely, and Fr. Cekada enjoyed seeing the faithful at St. Hugh last Sunday. They are blessed with an excellent organist, and very devout and hard working faithful. Fr. German Fliess visited St. Gertrude “The Less” in Albuquerque last week. Bishop Sanborn, accompanied by our Fr. Valerii Kudriavtsev, is making a short trip to Moscow. Fr. Saavedra, who had a bad fall at his Boys’ Camp in July, has returned from Mexico and is feeling better.

Remember First Friday Adoration. Labor Day weekend can be a bit of a challenge. We’re counting on our Guard of Honor, and were happy to hear that some of the ladies of the parish dotted the pews during our monthly prayer vigil before the monstrance that shows us God.

May God be seen by others in your life, and enter into the life of others by your persevering prayer.

In Mary’s Heart I place you,
-Bishop Dolan