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Pentecost XIV

We have resumed our normal webcast schedule with our daily 11:20 AM school Masses. However, we’re putting in sanctuary windows September 21st and 22nd. Mass will be offered in the side chapel and thus there will be no webcasting of Masses. Thank you for your understanding. Volunteers to help clean on Thursday would be welcome.


Bishop’s Corner
Greetings from France! If all went according to plan, I am helping out the French Fathers with their many Sunday Masses, through October second. I hope to be back on the fourth, in time for our “Rosary Forty Hours.” Please keep me, as well as our Forty Hours plans, in your Rosaries these days.

How nice it is to have nature “wearin’ the green” again in these beautiful early Fall days. I hope you will turn out, perhaps with a salad or dessert to share, for our annual picnic this afternoon, and that some of you will be coming for the first time. Come and meet somebody from “another Mass.” Good Catholic friendships–and fun–are a strong stay for our struggles in this valley of tears.

We honor Mary’s tears today, and remember to pray for all of our sick, even as the priests bless our sick at the rail after Masses.

Next Sunday it will be the turn of the little ones to be blessed, and dedicated to their Guardian Angels. After that, on October 2, roses will be blessed to bring a blessing wherever they go. Finally, we will be blessed by the Blessed Sacrament exposed and adored on the altar, or carried in processions, for the traditional forty hours over the course of three days. Life at St. Gertrude’s is a true blessing from above!

“Let there be light.” New, cooler and more convenient lighting is being arranged for our Sanctuary, on the back of the rood screen. We will also be installing windows in the Sanctuary side walls, which will admit indirect light from the attics, and thus brighten the altar. Fr. Cekada will be writing to you about some of our other “building fund” projects of late. There is always something to do to beautify God’s house. Thank you for your generosity.

Our traditionalmass.org website has an e-mail function to send us a message. Often, someone will send in a question or an off handed comment. I noticed this past week that both Bishop Sanborn and Fr. Cekada took the time, busy as they are, to send back a calm, considered and detailed response, couched in the most polite terms, to casual correspondents who wrote in the “gotcha” mode, recycling tired objections which demonstrated only their own ignorance. Still, they were answered in a kind and respectful way. St. Francis De Sales would be proud of our able theologians and canonists, and so should we!

Keep all our priests in your prayers, and pray for each other, too. Life is often no picnic, which is why Christ-like patience is the dish we should most of all share.

With a blessing from Brittany and begging your prayers,
–Bishop Dolan