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Pentecost XVI

From Fr. McGuire:

Dear Faithful,

The month of the angels, which officially opened on Angel Sunday, has already brought us little tidbits of good news – as well as many graces, to be sure! The first bit of good news is that Paulina Strauss had a successful operation last Monday. We all hope her recovery is a swift one. Secondly, Joseph Murphy, our “death row” prisoner, is no longer on death row. After his hearing, it was voted unanimously – a thing which seldom happens – that Mr. Murphy should not be executed, but that he should receive life imprisonment without parole. Thanks be to God and to all who prayed for those intentions!

Many little “angels” flocked to the communion rail last Sunday for the blessing of children and the dedication to their Guardian Angels. I do hope, parents, that you will see to it that your children are always most devoted to their angelic companions. After all, their angels show such great care for their charges. It is only in the next life that we will find out just how much these angels have really done!

Thursday’s Solemn High Mass in honor of St. Michael was truly beautiful. The school children learned a few new pieces – and sang just as well as ever!

Fr. Palma reminded me that this past Wednesday was the anniversary of the death of Fr. Leblanc. Please remember the repose of this zealous priest’s soul in your prayers. It is not right that we should abandon the souls of priests to the fires of Purgatory. Just as they helped us in life, we must help them in death. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord! And let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

I hope to see more of you at church for all the great feasts and celebrations this week. “The greatest saint of modern times,” as Pope Pius X called Therese of Lisieux, is Monday. Don’t forget the Feast of the Holy Rosary on Friday. Friday through Sunday is our annual Forty Hours Devotion. It is a wonderful thing to imagine just how many graces are bestowed during this powerful devotion! After the High Mass next Sunday, John Lynch will give a talk about Fr. Cekada’s latest book Work of Human Hands. I hope to see you there!

Bishop Dolan reports that all is well in France. I am sure he will tell you about it all when he returns. He is scheduled to be back this week.

May God Bless You and Mary Keep You,
Fr. McGuire