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Pentecost XVIII

This week’s bonus sermon is from the closing of our 40 Hours Devotion: The French Meal

Bishop’s Corner
I write this on the morning of October 13, Our Lady of Fatima. We had a bit of red in the sky at dawn, and I’m wondering if it will rain again this year, so that the final Fatima Rosary Procession becomes instead the fifteen decades before the Blessed Sacrament. God’s will be done. In any case, I know this will be a glorious ending for our fortnight of the Rosary and the Blessed Sacrament, and win many graces for us all. I am grateful for the good weather last Sunday, and for our outdoor Eucharistic Rosary Procession, a first.

Forty Hours demanded its sacrifices, but how splendid it is to consider Our Lord in His Sacrament, beautifully enthroned and solemnly adored for forty hours without a break, over one weekend. A water main broke but this time our holy activities went on without a problem, Our Lady looking out for us. While adorers in the pews were scarce during the day as well as during the night, still all of the services were well attended, and Our Lord was never left unattended. Adoration is a real work of the Mystical Body.

I thank Kolbs for the customary fine breakfast, and congratulate the Rosary Confraternity for its enthusiastic participation in every aspect of this very well attended function, one of our beloved traditions here. Thanks go as well to John Lynch for his well delivered address on Fr. Cekada’s book, Work of Human Hands. I only hope this interesting presentation will stir up enthusiasm for a book which is the last word on a subject which is so much spoken of today.

Finally, I would like to thank our very welcome out of town guests for their edifying hours of adoration, and participation in Forty Hours. May all of us, from far and near, remember these days of grace, and reap their fruits in the days to come.

Have you noticed the sanctuary improvements? The windows give a little variety and light to the east and west walls of the sanctuary. We hope to fill them with stained glass. The Rood Screen looks a bit more finished now, with its trim and decorated capitals. We are continuing to work on the sanctuary lighting. I would like to let the colors glow, but without a harsh glare. It is also important that the altar be sufficiently lit for the daily webcasting of the Mass, seen by Catholics throughout the world.

Our last half of October begins with Fr. Cekada making his first seminary teaching visit. How impressed we were with our seminarians, especially Deacon Lehtoranta’s Saturday sermon for Forty Hours! Pray for and support our international seminary: Finland, Nigeria, France, Argentina, the United States and soon Russia; sending young men to be trained properly for the holy priesthood.

Remember them, and all of our intentions in your daily family Rosary, as well as in your regular Masses and Holy Communions.

Yours in Mary’s Immaculate Heart,
–Bishop Dolan