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Pentecost XIX

Bishop’s Corner
I write this on a rainy Thursday, remembering with gratitude how the rains stopped last Thursday, October 13, in time for our final Fatima Rosary Procession for Peace. Under the circumstances, the small number “of the elect,” who persevered unto the end, is quite understandable. Still, as always, we had “just enough” for this candlelight conclusion, little dots of blue among the glaring headlights as we bade farewell to Our Lady of Fatima. I could have used a third arm myself, as I was juggling a rosary, candle and microphone.

I’m sure that Our Lady would say the same thing of us. She could have used “a third arm,” that is, others on whom she could depend for their prayers and good works. Who will bestir himself from his familial life and routine to do something “extra” for the coming of the Kingdom?

There is need, this Mission Sunday, for prayer and giving and going. Surely, everyone can and should do something. I think of our own church and the school devotions. Only those who have to, attend Wednesday afternoon Rosary and Benediction, at the possibly very convenient time of 3 PM. On a fine Friday evening in October we were down to nine souls for 5:15 Rosary and Benediction, and 6:15 Mass. Will we make it through the winter? The number of our prayer and apostolic missionaries is very small, and they are quite stretched. You may feel so in your own life, but surely you have an extra evening or afternoon or morning to attend church, or perhaps help us in church cleaning, another humble opportunity to lend a hand, for everything is missionary work these days. But prayer must precede all.

This Mission Sunday Fr. Larrabee is in Milwaukee, and I have gone out west to ordain a deacon, Reverend Mr. Stephen McKenna. Fr. Vaillancourt’s church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Spokane is the setting, and some of the Dominican brethren from Boston will be in attendance. God willing, this deacon (pray for him, now charged to preach the Word of God) will be ordained a priest in February. Bishop Sanborn reports that all of our seminarians are doing well. We look forward to seeing them for our upcoming ordination on November 16th. I thank you in advance for your help for this wonderful occasion.

Parents, remember All Saints Sunday on Christ the King. Your efforts with the costumes and stories for our little ones are a true “future missionary” work.

Thanks to all of you who help nourish and spread the true faith through our families and church, in so many ways. I end my corner, as I began however, with a plea for prayer. Please pray this Mission Sunday for several individuals and families who have fallen away from Mass and Sacraments. Please pray for so many of our “missionary mothers” who watch and weep and pray for the return of their grown up and away children. Pray for the return of the sick and dying, and the salvation of those who seemed to die so far from God, but so dear to their mother.

Multiply your prayer power by a little missionary travel to church during the month, by extra Masses and visits and Rosaries, as well as by helping us with all that must be done. Thank you for being a missionary. Talk it up. Spread the word. Keep your Blessed Mother blue candle burning in a harsh world of glaring headlights.

–Bishop Dolan