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November, 2011 Archives

Why Latin? —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Advent I Download MP3

Advent I

Click the image above for a slideshow from the ordination of Rev. Vili Lehtoranta to the Holy Priesthood Bishop’s Corner We still remember with gratitude our wonderful St. Gertrude’s week, whose octave closed last Wednesday, November 23rd. That momentous week opened, fittingly enough, with an afternoon act of charity for the Poor Souls, and two […]

The Dies Irae —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Last Sunday After Pentecost Download MP3

Last Sunday After Pentecost

Bishop’s Corner Thanksgiving falls well for us this year, just after the octave day of St. Gertrude the Great. The feast day of our holy patroness (and already our eighth happy anniversary at our “new construction”) brought us much to be thankful for. Of course, first we are thinking of our new priest, Fr. Vili […]

The Priest: A Bright Star Shining in the Darkness —Bp. Donald Sanborn

St. Gertrude the Great Download MP3

The Priesthood & the Penny —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost XXII Download MP30

Pentecost XXII

Bishop’s Corner At our All Saints party, I was struck by how quickly our children are growing up. Last year’s little saints sat it out, or rather followed this year’s saints from the seats with interest, and gave their answers with alacrity. Their younger brothers and sisters, arrayed even more with innocence than the charming […]

On the Creation of the World —Fr. Julian Larrabee

Pentecost XXI Download MP3

Pentecost XXI

Bishop’s Corner Last Sunday, Christ the King, was a bit of Christmas and Easter and All Saints Day, combined into one. The beautifully decorated altars, done in regal shades of gold, rendered first their homage to the King of Kings, then the beautiful Masses and music uplifted our hearts. The Little King, the Infant Jesus, […]