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Pentecost XXI

Bishop’s Corner
Last Sunday, Christ the King, was a bit of Christmas and Easter and All Saints Day, combined into one. The beautifully decorated altars, done in regal shades of gold, rendered first their homage to the King of Kings, then the beautiful Masses and music uplifted our hearts. The Little King, the Infant Jesus, was honored because, like Christmas, Sunday was a day for innocent children, who processed into church garbed as saints. We all enjoyed their presentations afterwards at the party. So much for Christmas and All Saints, what of Easter?

Well, the resurrection theme was not absent, as we gratefully noted the presence of so many devoted women of our church, lately homebound and sick: Pat Kolb, Elizabeth Smith, and Paulina Strauss. Connie Kamphaus was able to come for the Holy Day. We miss Jane Donadio, but are consoled Fr. Thielen is kindly bringing her Holy Communion. Always remember to pray for our sick. Prayers are heard!

I wish to thank everyone who helped this past week: The principal, teachers and students of our school for decorating Helfta Hall and putting on the party for All Saints, again our school for its fidelity in preparing for and assisting at all of the special services last week, and October Devotions all month long (frequently joined by our home schooling children), all of our servers and choir, and our sacristy crew who along with the Simpsons prepared such a beautiful altar. (There is a current saying in the sacristy that if Fr. Cekada notices the altar, you know it must have been beautiful!) I thank all of you, as well as those who came for All Souls, and those who adored for First Friday.

Fr. Cekada leaves for his seminary week today. Father has been working on the ordination schedule, which requires much planning for ceremonies and meals and accommodations. As well, he has found time to produce a series of short web videos to explain and promote his groundbreaking book, Work of Human Hands. Fr. McGuire has been away in Milwaukee and the Missions, and we are grateful to Fr. Larrabee for his daily assistance at the school, as well as in the sanctuary.

Are you remembering to pray for the Poor Souls? Our school children make their indulgenced cemetery visit on Tuesday, and the Rosary Confraternity on Sunday. This Friday, on 11-11-11 at 11:00, we remember our deceased veterans, and all who have died in our wars, at another Absolution ceremony, before we celebrate Martinmas.

How good God is to give us so many perfect days for Fall this year (our most beautiful season), and so many perfect observances of our feast days and beloved Catholic customs.

May Our Lady of Suffrage inspire you to keep a good November with the Poor Souls!

-Bishop Dolan