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Pentecost XXII

Bishop’s Corner
At our All Saints party, I was struck by how quickly our children are growing up. Last year’s little saints sat it out, or rather followed this year’s saints from the seats with interest, and gave their answers with alacrity. Their younger brothers and sisters, arrayed even more with innocence than the charming and ingenious costumes their mothers made for them, remind us of how the faith is passed on in a family or a church. Thank God and pray Him to bless all of these children, bestowing vocations and thus providing for children yet to be born.

This thought of Faith passed on to another generation, and of the role of divine vocation (the call from God for one particular state of life) came to me again at last week’s wonderful wedding. Two families, both strongly devoted to the faith, were united, but everyone was consoled and encouraged. I was so happy top see those “that were called to the marriage” from three churches, in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati. It’s good for us to remember, and for our children to see, that we are not alone, some tiny speck in an evolving universe of religions. No! The true, unchanging Catholic Church is to be seen and admired not just in our own particular place but throughout the world, in so many chapels and churches, and faithful and priests.

Take a trip sometime up to Michigan, and visit Fr. Saavedra’s beautiful Church of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Frasier. Father, of course, was ordained here just a few years ago on St. Andrew’s Day, and first worked here as a new priest. He’s still working, and working hard for souls in “the frozen north.” I think he does everything himself, and I wonder how he does it!

Visit Wisconsin for your next vacation and stop by for Mass at our charming chapel-size church and rectory of St. Hugh of Lincoln. Many priests have visited and assisted at this church, (the mission was founded by Fr. Cekada just a few years after his ordination) and Fr. McGuire is their much beloved pastor, serving a number of small “house missions” as well.

Turning from Matrimony to Holy Orders, do plan to attend Wednesday’s ordination ceremony. What consolation, what strength, what blessings from God are ours, if only we realized! The faith is indeed being passed on. A new generation of priests, raised up by God’s grace literally from darkness, is now glowing with light. Come and get recharged.

This week gives a precious opportunity to meet, or meet again, our priests from all over the world, our future priests, and the man responsible for this inestimable grace, Bishop Sanborn. Come and be encouraged and leave resolved to be a more devout and generous Catholic, resolved to do your part, particularly to revere the holy priesthood, and to foster and support vocations.

One technical note in concluding my corner: At the last minute, last week’s bulletin file became suddenly “corrupted” (no one/thing is immune!) and we were unable to use it. Thus, a whited over proofing copy was printed. Please excuse its appearance, and obvious errors. But please do read, pray over and pass on to others your Sunday bulletins. This too, is a powerful means to pass on our faith, to console, instruct, and encourage ourselves and others.

I wish you a blessed St. Gertrude’s Day for Wednesday, already the eighth anniversary of our beautiful new church so justly admired by our visitors. May St. Gertrude enclose you with her in the Heart of Jesus!

–Bishop Dolan