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Advent III

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Click the image above for a slideshow from the ordination of Rev. Vili Lehtoranta to the Holy Priesthood

Bishop’s Corner

Last Sunday was a proper Advent one, our missionary Fr. Larrabee speaking to us about his African apostolate, and drawing appropriate lessons for us, so blessed, to whom so much has been given. Afterwards St. Nicholas came to see the good children, and Fr. Larrabee showed film of his trip. Fr. Cekada ate his sandwich and went off to catch a Florida flight from Dayton, which ended up being three hours late. A tired priest prepared future priests, then, this past week at our seminary. (Thank you for your support!) Thy Kingdom come! Fr. McGuire visited our central Illinois mission, St. Isidore, after Milwaukee Mass, and then on Monday went to St. Theresa Mission in North Dakota, a long drive but worth it for precious souls. (On Saturday morning, Fr. Larrabee drove up to Columbus to give last rites to the father of a lady who was a “long distance member” of St. Clare.)

What do our Nigerian Catholics have in common with those in North Dakota? They are most of them young, in their twenties, and all of them so enthusiastic for the Faith!

On a rainy Monday evening, Joshua Gunsher helped me do the last of our latest “in absentia” funerals. Nature provided a suitably sad backdrop for what is already a sad ceremony, but all was read with devotion. May these Poor Souls rest in peace.

Our school children sang some splendid music, including old carols and a Latin hymn, for Tuesday’s feast of the patron of all children, St. Nicholas. May he protect them, especially our own, in the midst of public school and even home dangers, (computers, T.V.) to maintain their holy innocence.

On Tuesday our calendars came in, and the office staff mailed them out very quickly. (Pick up yours in the gift shop). Mary Lacy has joined the St. Gertrude alumni at Kroger, but her mother, Marge Soli, is being trained by ever faithful Jim as parish secretary, ably assisted by Pat Harpen, who’s been a great help this Fall.

We “go to press” on Wednesday, due to the Thursday Holy Day. The High Mass was scheduled to be recorded, and should be available, along with a Low Mass of Fr. Cekada, one of these days. This, along with webcast Masses, should help the devotion of our long distance members. A faithful Catholic from Ghana wrote to us today.

Darlene was ever so pleased to see the nice old “mangler”, a kind of rolling iron, which Marlys and Paul Arlinghaus located and donated, just in time for the Christmas rush. We’ve already been meeting and planning for poinsettias and Christmas decorations, as well as choir music…and so much more.

I’m sure it’s busy at your house as well, and I thank you for your participation in today’s Cookie and Craft Sale. I must say as well how gratified I was to see the extra Advent adorers the night of First Friday, and the fine attendance for
the First Saturday Masses.

How is your Advent progressing? If it leaves you conscious of your spiritual poverty, and hungry for the Bread of Heaven, blessed are you. May Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas, rule over you and your family and our land as Sovereign Lady.

–Bishop Dolan