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Bishop’s Corner
I wish you all a very happy New Year’s Day, and a truly happy new year, a holy one, in which you, and all of our faithful, will be found faithful, at least one day out of seven: the Lord’s Day. That way, on “the Day of the Lord” (the End of the World) we will be found among His Faithful. In the meantime, He will be able to find us, and wash us at least once a week when we come to Mass. Does it sound like a good idea? Would you be willing to try it?

Some of you faithful were so….faithful, that you found time to help us “keep the feast” for the special days of Christmas Week. Holy Innocents Day was beautifully observed with Mass sung and served by children (and the young of heart!), a sermon, a blessing, a pizza party, some poetry, and a parting gift for our dear children.

Fr. Lehtoranta is with us now after his first Christmas as a priest, happily passed at St. Hugh in Milwaukee. Father will offer a Solemn High Mass for us for Epiphany before returning to Most Holy Trinity Seminary for his final semester of studies. Fr. Nicolas Desposito was scheduled to return to the seminary as well as resume his duties there, after some time in Argentina.

Christmas Week is always busy here, beginning with the sung Masses and Vespers to celebrate the feasts. On St. John’s Day we welcomed deacon Rev. Mr. Stephen McKenna, and Brother Anthony, T.O.P., of Sacred Heart Church in Boston, for a little visit. Please keep this future priest, and the priests, brothers and faithful of that Boston portion of Christ’s flock, in your prayers. Isn’t it great to belong to a universal, that is to say Catholic, Church?

This Christmastide, Fr. Cekada has been busily researching and writing his podcasts for his book Work of Human Hands. These little videos could also serve as “bite size” portions to feed those who hunger for the true Mass, but are confused. Last week, a Vatican official with the Congregation of Divine Worship ordered a copy of Father’s book. I hope he learns something.

Please come to the Epiphany Mass. “Little Christmas” is actually the great feast of the season. Please come to keep watch over the Blessed Sacrament like willing shepherds guarding the precious Lamb of God, during our night watch of prayer. Pray for a good new year, for conversions and fidelity and grace, and much peace in 2012.

May Our Lady of the Precious Blood make you thirst for Holy Communion, and strengthen you and yours to slake it every Sunday of this year.

–Bishop Dolan