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Epiphany III

Bishop’s Corner
Well, today is the Lord’s Day, as usual, every eight days. It belongs to God. In addition, it is a day of pro-life prayer, and for America’s conversion. I invite you to return to church to pray with us … this morning for the 11:10 AM Rosary, this afternoon for Vespers, and then devotions before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed. Let’s make at least today one of those “all for God days.”

I’ll report on my seminary visit and retreat next Sunday, but today I want to introduce our latest deacon, Reverend Mr. Stephen McKenna, T.O.P. of Sacred heart Church in Boston, who is with us for two weeks as he prepares for ordination to the priesthood on February 11th. It is a privilege for us at St. Gertrude the Great to help even a little with the great work of preparing future priests. Please pray for him, and maybe sign up with Cucina Clerical for a meal or two? (Word is he’s got a healthy appetite.)

Along the same lines, Fr. Cekada heads south today to teach for the week at the seminary. He continues his work on the little videos which promote his book, Work of Human Hands. Have you seen them? They are a wonderful apostolate in and of themselves.

I spoke with a fine former parishioner, Bill Buckley, the other day. Bill is very seriously ill, and wanted to speak with me. He and his wife Pat were dear and active members of St. Gertrude the Great in our early years, and we made a pilgrimage to Lourdes together. Bill has good and grateful memories of those years, and it was wonderful to visit with him after so long. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Rare is the soul who comes back to say thanks, and whose sentiments are only positive. Such an experience is a consoling one for a priest in our day.

Join me in keeping this Lord’s Day especially holy, won’t you? Let us pray ourselves and our land back into goodness!

I send a blessing to your home.
–Bishop Dolan