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Feast of St. Francis de Sales

Bishop’s Corner
We seem to have the worst weather of the year around January 22, such cold and ice. Heaven itself bears witness to the chilling reality of baby murder in our land. The weather seems to reflect the true temperature of Washington, DC; “the spirits of wickedness in high places,” and slippery politicians who slither about at this season, making promises they will never keep.

Still, this year’s slowly melting ice (what a blessing to be spared the cold!) did not keep most of you from church, and we had a fine Pro-Life Sunday, with prayers of petition and reparation foremost in our intentions. Fr. Cekada went off to Florida, working on a cold and sore throat, but managed to get through his classes. Deacon McKenna, Fr. McGuire and I returned from the seminary retreat in that same sunny state much refreshed. I look forward to giving the retreat each year, and feel (as so often) that I “get as good as I give” and more, and am grateful for these recollected days, all given to God. The regularity of the seminary life, with its bells and sung services and silence is a great help. Oh, and each year I appreciate all over again the excellent meals and wonderful, cool sunny weather, such a treat in the midst of winter.

Still, it is always good to get home to Cincinnati, so blessed by God in so many ways. Today we gratefully celebrate the Queen City’s patron, Saint Francis de Sales. We remember year-round that he is as well the patron of the Catholic Press, and honor him by trying to imitate his zeal. So much good reading material, so little time! Set aside some of your Sunday to read the bulletin, and share it with others, won’t you? Today I am offering you a free copy of the excellent Catholic Voice, with the hope that you will enjoy it, and give it eventually to someone else, perhaps still lost in the darkness of “reformed Catholicism.”

Lastly, I sincerely recommend the latest and most striking issue of Behold Thy Mother, dedicated to America’s Madonna and Queen, La Conquistadora. This is a tranquil and controversy-free little magazine (published so well by the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Ghost), which will entertain and elevate you. Speaking of the apostolate of the press, we all must sincerely thank Lori Moore, who “did” this bulletin for us the last several years. Hers is quite literally a loyal and untiring devotion, and I am so very grateful. Gloria Zbilicki, who has been in charge of the proof-reading department (a daunting task) now takes over responsibility for this important part of our parish life. I thank both of these devoted ladies.

The sweet forty days of Christmastide have swiftly fled, leading us to the great feast of light which closes the coming of the Light of the World. Do come yourself Thursday evening for the Candlemas, and stay for a great party! Let’s cooperate together for a wonderful close to a wonderful Christmas. First Friday’s Communion of Reparation and All Night Adoration will demand an extra sacrifice or two, I am sure, but let us allow ourselves to be drawn to Jesus by the light and the warmth of the Monstrance.

God bless you!
–Bishop Dolan