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February, 2012 Archives

The Little Ashes of Life —Bp. Daniel Dolan

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Lent I

Bishop’s Corner This shortest month, February, has been impatiently stirring with Spring ever since sunny Candlemas cast its bright shadow on this month’s most glorious feast. The robins returned for Quinquagesima and our Broadway Blackbirds, with their stirring sky spectacles, have not yet closed their show since opening in Autumn, even though we are now […]

Once Again: Charity —Bp. Daniel Dolan

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Bishop’s Corner Already, after an interval of only a few months, the Catholic Church has another priest forever. The fervent prayers of the faithful were answered, and all went well, beautifully, for the great day in Boston’s Sacred Heart Church. This church was beautifully restored by the Third Order Dominican Brothers there, who also gave […]

Choked Out By The Cares of This World —Fr. Julian Larrabee

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Bishop’s Corner You see the ground torn up today as you come to church, the first step towards completing the cloister. We hope at least to lay the foundation this Spring, though I pray we are able to go through to completion. This cloister project will improve our exterior appearance, and provide an enclosed garden […]

February 2012 Newsletter

St. Gertrude the Great February 2012 Newsletter is available. It contains photos of what we’ve been up to in January. Be sure to buy your copy of Fr. Cekada’s book, “Work of Human Hands”. “Work of Human Hands” is also available on Amazon.com.

Is Life Worth Living? —Bp. Daniel Dolan

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Bishop’s Corner February, shortest month of the year, is longest in the popular Catholic lore and cultural observances still recognized by “the world.” If you read your bulletin and remember some of the sermons, you’ll know why. It’s a good thing too, for in so doing you “redeem the time,” sanctifying these holidays and observances, […]