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The Most Precious Blood

Sacred Heart Podcast now available
Nicholas Wansbutter and Steven Heiner had a great discussion with His Excellency, Bishop Daniel Dolan, on the Sacred Heart. It is now available for free download, as are all Restoration Radio podcasts, at this link.

Save these dates for the St. Gertrude the Great Girls’ Camp!
Girls ages 5 – 16+ are welcome to join us on July 11th, 12th and 13th for three days of fun and spiritual activities. We will be joined by three Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas for days filled with camp favorites such as archery, scrap-booking and of course, the popular Ice Cream Social. We’ll also have our second “annual” canoe trip (age appropriate), overnight camping and bonfire again. New activities for this summer include origami, cake decorating, making a personalized Rosary and some surprises! Come join the fun! The cost of this camp is funded by the generous donations of our sponsors.

Also, Save the Date for Boys’ Camp!
July 24-26

Bishop’s Corner
It’s getting to be time to pray for rain again, even if some has already arrived this weekend as predicted. Dry grass should make us remember to turn to Heaven. The grounds here, being mostly clay, don’t retain moisture, and the grass, so luxuriantly green in spring, is burned brown now by the sun. Still, flowers are in bloom, and early last week, before the heat wave, we had some fine cool mornings with which to finish a beautiful June.

Gino is working on the completion of the cloister, a unique architectural fixture of our church, and one that permits an enclosed garden, processions, and the expansion of “outdoor living” much of the year. Thanks for your contributions each month to the Building Fund in favor of this work.

Today we open the month of the Precious Blood, and keep its great feast. Fr. Cekada is visiting Milwaukee, and our young school organist is filling in for him at the High Mass. Our school children sang one last time for Friday’s feast of Ss. Peter and Paul, which will be solemnized next Sunday.

Travel probably peaks around the Fourth of July, but if you’re here, we hope you’ll be here, for that Mass for our country (so needed!) as well as for First Friday and All Night Adoration this week. Our Lord’s loving Heart has blessings, graces, peace in abundance for you, and is just waiting to be asked. He is waiting for you.

Fr. Lehtoranta joins us this week as our new “assistant pastor,” and Fr. McGuire goes to Florida for a little vacation. I hope they have recovered from their flooding in the northern part of that state, and that the fires in the west of the country have been subdued. Life really does need to be handled with prayer. “Save us from the fires of hell.”

In an unusually ecumenical move, the Protestants–Pentecostals–on Interstate 75 will be putting up a 51-foot statue of Our Lord, called Lux Mundi (Latin, even! for Light of the World). I hope the statue is not so ugly as the one which was fittingly struck with lightning a few years ago. May it rather serve to edify the traveler and remind him of God and prayer. I pray you will “go with God,” and with prayer, and safety, wherever your travels take you. Have your car blessed, and have a rosary or a statue displayed there if possible. Oh, and pray! Say a little prayer when you start out in the car. Ask others to join in. Life is fragile. Handle it with prayer. Let prayer make your passing joys permanent, and ever be directing you to our one final destination, Heaven.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Be sure of mine. Precious Blood of Jesus, save us!

–Bishop Dolan