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Lent II

New Website and Store

We are announcing a new website: sggresources.org. This website has links to all of our most important resources, and has a small store for purchasing literature, processing donations, and requesting Masses.


Restoration Radio: The Legacy of Benedict XVI, Part I

This first of 3 shows focuses on the years 1960-2005.

Ratzinger: Theologian and Cardinal (1950–2005) His theological training by professors who advocated the modernist “New Theology” condemned by Pius XII. Ratzinger’s rejection of Thomism. The accusation of modernism against his doctoral thesis. Ratzinger’s hand in writing two Vatican II documents, on the Church and on revelation. Ratinger’s errors (heresies?) as theologian on the resurrection of the body, and as cardinal on the nature of the Church, justification, etc.

Our guests are Bishop Donald Sanborn of Most Holy Trinity Seminary and Fr. Anthony Cekada of St. Gertrude the Great Catholic Church. Both men have studied Benedict XVI and his actions over the years and have much useful commentary to share.

Listen here.

This school year we will be publishing daily sermons from the previous week:

Feb. 20, 2013: Our Lady of the Snows by Bp. Dolan
Feb. 21, 2013: A Food Mass by Bp. Dolan
Feb. 22, 2013: Waiting Patiently by Fr. McGuire
Feb. 25, 2013: St. Matthias by Fr. McKenna
Feb. 26, 2013: Elias & Frequent Communion by Bp. Dolan

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I am writing to you on the first of our Spring Ember Days, amidst morning snow flurries. February has indeed been a fine month, and we shall be sad to see it go. Its ups and downs and sudden changes are explained by the sacred liturgy, of course. There’s a fight on.

Spring and Winter do battle as signs of the spiritual life, of light vs. darkness, of Christ’s coming Easter Victory over Satan. The little ups and downs we all experience in life, and especially during Lent, are explained by this. But the dark and cold (as well as beautiful but impractical snow) are all on the way out. Spring is struggling to appear, like an Easter chick from out its egg. New life is on its way. Be encouraged in the struggles you experience. Ask St. Thérèse to fill you with confidence.

Attendance of late has been most encouraging. The First Sunday of Lent brought out the faithful and visitors in record number (for the last few years, anyway) and this in spite of the spotty snow that morning. New life!

The “McFathers” have been trying and failing to make it to North Dakota for Mass of late. I tease them about it, but there’s always a blizzard in those climes, it seems. Still, one of these days they’ll make it through. The small, mostly young congregation is quite devout as they quietly wait for one Mass in two or three months. The same must be said of little groups of faithful in England. How blessed we are here.

Only the devout mostly turned out again at Church for our first run of recollections and Stations last week, since so many made it for ashes on Ash Wednesday. I am pleased to see the odd extra soul at daily Mass. In the old days….

This year’s “Lenten theme” shrine is a bit different, and took a bit of doing, for which I thank the very patient Katie and Dale. It features three faces, in effect: St. Thérèse, the Holy Face, and the Child Jesus. The photo is my favorite of St. Thérèse, much better than any plaster statue. Her enigmatic smile rivals the Mona Lisa. The Holy Face is, of course, one of the 19th Century originals from the Vatican, with seal, depicting the apparition of the Holy Face upon the white veiled reliquary containing Veronica’s Veil. The Child Jesus statue very closely resembles the Child Jesus of Ittenbach, called “of Messine” because it had been brought to Lisieux by Sr. Marie of the Trinity from her Carmel in Paris, avenue de Messine. The original statue has no book, but Our Lord is pointing to His Heart. His Heart should be our book this Lent. He seems to be saying to her, “You will come with Me to paradise, it is I who tell you.”

2013 Lenten Shrine

Restoration Radio reported over 5,000 hits for its recording of the special Ratzinger Retirement show, with Bishop Sanborn and Fr. Cekada. They did another one the other day, and one or two more are scheduled. When it comes to Ratzinger’s heresies, there’s a lot to say. Tune in and find out why. Know the reason for Ratzinger’s reprobation.

On February 28th at 2:00 PM (Eastern time), I’m happy to say, everybody will be a sedevacantist for at least a few blissful days of Church unity. Now, if only we were united in the Faith every day! Let us make that our prayer this Lent, that eyes be opened, darkness banished, and the springtime of the Faith should flourish again, quite miraculously. Ask St. Thérèse for a rose!

God bless you, and your Lent,
–Bishop Dolan