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Pentecost IX

We have an excellent, additional sermon this week from Fr. McKenna: “Have Confidence: The Truth is On Your Side.”

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
On the spur of the moment the other Sunday, Fr. Cekada decided to ask for a memorial donation for the cloister fountain. Three people immediately volunteered after Mass, enough to cover as well the beautiful black marble shrine to Christ the King in the corner of the cloister, as well as two more of the statues shortly to be installed along the nave. God reward your generosity. July is a good month for fountains, as we draw near with adoration to the Fountain of the Precious Blood.

Be sure to visit this handsome addition to the cloister after Mass today. (The other One you will first visit during Mass.) The antique stone matches the cloister perfectly, and it’s quite in proportion to the garden. The fountain itself will draw the weary to its restful waters. We hope the unwary children, however, will give it wide berth! In a lighter moment, some of the staff were speculating who would be the first to fall in. Of course, last week’s gruesomely hot weather would probably make a cool dip an inviting prospect. It’s awfully hot, but it is July.

The girls had good weather for the second day of their camp, and that night’s camping. It was even a little cool, a welcome relief. Everyone was charmed by Sunday’s presentation, consisting of the little St. Zita play and the singing. Also charming was the accent this year on character formation and courtesy, as befits young ladies. It showed right away. Thank you, Sisters and ladies for a wonderful Summer camp for our girls, and for all of the good lessons imparted.

It’s the boys’ turn this week, and Fr. McKenna has a whole program of wholesome and entertaining pastimes planned for them. The Fathers thank the fathers and the young men who will be helping these days. Nothing done for children is ever wasted. Thanks again for your generosity.

My Michigan trip went well, although it was a lot of driving for Fr. McKenna, about 1,000 miles combined with his Midwestern missionary peregrinations earlier in the week. It’s always nice to see family again, even under sad circumstances.

The weather was very hot and humid in Lafayette, Louisiana, but again it was so good to have a chance to see “family” after many months – the faithful I’ve known for so many years at Our Lady of the Rosary. Fr. Francis Miller, OFM and I had a good visit as well. Whenever he takes me out for a meal, someone always “gets the check” for the brown-robed friar and his guest.

When we wear Our Lady’s scapular we show ourselves to be part of her family, symbolically wearing the Carmelite habit, sign of our consecration to the Immaculate Heart. The scapular feast, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, coincided with our Summer Novena (St. Anthony and Our Lady of Perpetual Help) last week. All told some 20 souls heard one of the three Masses that day. By St. Gertrude standards (especially for Summer) that is a good number. Our little morning congregation comes regularly, and from time to time I am pleasantly surprised to have someone, or even a family, at the five o’clock afternoon Mass.

God bless you, you who are numbered among the “little flock” by Our Savior Himself. Persevere, and fear not!

Plunge into the Fountain of His Precious Blood.

– Bishop Dolan

PS: We mustn’t forget about last Saturday’s Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Procession. I am told all of the usual suspects showed up, for which I am duly grateful. I hope to join you in August. May Our Lady forward our prayers to Heaven, and leave many a blessing on earth.