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Nativity of Our Lady

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Blessed birthday of the Blessed Virgin! It is a blessing to have her birthday fall on a Sunday so that all may honor the happy dawn of our salvation. Draw near to her cradle in a childlike spirit. It is pleasing to her that we honor thus her infancy and quick passing childhood. Ask her to make you a child for the sake of the Kingdom. Pray for all of our children, who need to be studying their faith for at least a few minutes once a week, on the Lord’s Day. Enroll your children in catechism classes, if you have not yet done so. Classes start in earnest next Sunday for both adults and children. Parents, please don’t starve your children.

This Sunday we are privileged to offer a Solemn High Mass as our principal Mass, taking advantage of our deacon’s last day with us. The Rev. Mr. Bede Nkamuke departs this afternoon for the seminary. This Fall he will be a busy man, both taking and giving courses, as well as preparing for his November ordination. I have asked him as well to preach to us today. It is his first sermon, given on this blessed feast day of Our Lady’s Nativity.

Things are quietly humming around here this early Autumn, now that school has resumed. I am happy to have again the rhythm of the school day and year, with its high point the daily 11:20 High Mass, which gives such glory to God, and spiritual formation to our little ones. There are as well virtual Mass-goers from around the world with us daily on the web. The pleasant weather as we resumed things last week was a grand grace from the good God and His saints. Doby Curran continues to do a great job keeping our grounds well trimmed.

Our Lady’s Birthday Octave leads us to a very busy weekend. Please be with us for Friday’s (two prayerful Fridays in a row!) penultimate penitential procession for peace at 7:15 PM. The war drums beat ever louder. May the chorus of marching feet behind Mary’s banner, and heaven-sent Hail Marys be even louder than the cries of madmen for yet another war. War is the punishment for sin. Help us to escape it by employing Heaven’s remedy, Rosaries in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Saturday’s great feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross might be overlooked this year, but it should not be. The cross is our battle ensign, and “Christ Crucified” our cry which leads us to victory, and defends us daily from the foe.

Next Sunday we keep as always the feast of Mary’s Martyrdom, her Seven Sorrows. That afternoon is our annual parish picnic, a priceless time for having a good time with your fellow Catholics, perhaps getting to know some from one of the other Masses. We provide the burgers, dogs, and drinks; the rest is potluck. Bring something to share, but most of all bring yourself. All the Fathers hope to be there, and I hope you will as well.

Fr. McKenna is finishing a mission circuit in North Dakota, Minnesota and Milwaukee today. Father has graciously agreed to be our guest speaker for the annual Rosary Confraternity Communion Breakfast after the High Mass and Procession on Rosary Sunday, October 6th. I have asked him to tell us a little about himself, and his road to the Holy Priesthood. Mark your calendar! Tickets will be on sale soon.

A final happy note: you proved me wrong, and I was delighted so to be undone! We had an excellent attendance for our “American St. Joseph’s Day” last Monday. In fact, we had so many that I had to put more hosts into the ciborium (O happy problem!) for Fr. McKenna’s High Mass. It was a splendid morning for good St. Joseph. The entire forenoon was occupied with four Masses for the Foster-Father and Protector, one Mass succeeding another at St. Joseph’s beautifully decorated altar. May he indeed bless our work and prayer and the happy times we share in this new season and year.

God bless you and inspire you with great love for Mary and Joseph!
– Bishop Dolan