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Dedication of St. Michael, Archangel

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We are still feeling the aftershocks of that awful interview given by Bergoglio. Thank God “in depth” Catholic commentators are not wanting to us. Be sure to take time to listen to Bishop Sanborn and Fr. Cekada on Restoration Radio. They spoke last Monday evening for 90 minutes, making sense out of nonsense. Be informed, and arm yourself with the truth.

Those of us who are “of a certain age” (I never thought I would be writing that phrase!) cannot help but feel a certain sad nostalgia for the horrific Vatican II era, when this Jesuit revolutionary from the 60s seeks to drag the whole Church back to those dark days to accomplish the Modernist dream, which is a Catholic’s nightmare.

Thank God those times are well behind us, along with all thought of functioning within the Modernist matrix, as though truth were suddenly falsehood, and those heretics actually occupied the offices they seized, like 60s-style student demonstrators.

Thank God for all of the blessings bestowed upon us in our “small chapels,” upon this “remnant which is left, selected out of grace.” Not the least of the graces for those who embrace the brutal truth of our condition as Catholics during the chastisement, is a great wondrous sense of peace – a peace which those who compromise can never know. Theirs is only a shameful confusion.

You see then how great should be our gratitude to our angel champion, St. Michael. Let us remember to invoke him daily, as we fight the good fight for the Faith this world and its followers have forgotten. We will never be forgotten by God’s providential care, which sends angels to hover about us and protect us.

This somehow makes me think of my noble cat, Puccini. Last week on a fine morning I propped open my office door for a bit of air, and in flew a bird. “Now what will I do?” I wondered, for time was short before Mass. “What does Katie do when winged visitors get into the Sacristy?”

These thoughts were interrupted by Puccini, who flew into my office after the bird, as though on call. The bird was on the windowsill, behind my Crown of Thorns plant. In one leap, without disturbing the pot, the cat had the bird. I’m afraid I distracted him by reaching out to steady the plant lest it fall (but Puccini was surgical in his strike) so he lost his prey. Praise, due praise was heaped upon his feline head, even as the trophy feathers were everywhere scattered about.

I wish to praise our intrepid organizer, A.D. Kinnett, for putting together a first and very successful Friday Night at the Traditional Movies. Thanks go to Richard Vande Ryt for his generous donation of the handsome monitor and all of its appurtenances, as well as for even providing the pizza. I am edified at this further illustration of the Divine Providence in daily life.

“God keepeth His little ones,” doesn’t He? God bless and keep all of our children under His angels’ care, and the Church during these tragic days. Francis threatens to “strip the Church” at Assisi this week. Would you be able to come to church a little extra these days?

There’s our own Little Flower, and the Guardian Angels, and St. Francis of Assisi, as well as First Friday and Saturday, All Night Adoration, and the opening of the month of the Rosary with October Devotions each school day afternoon, and Benediction on Wednesday.

St. Michael is arming us all. Pick up your weapons. Put on your armor, for these are days of severe struggle yet serene struggle for Catholic truth.

God bless you and keep all of His children close to Him!

–Bishop Dolan