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Easter Sunday

The Blessing of the New Fire during the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday

The Chanting of the Gospel on Easter Sunday


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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
When we went to bed Monday night, we knew the moon would turn to blood, fulfilling Joel’s Old Testament end time prophecy, which St. Peter himself cited. (It will happen three more times through next year, and some time it will be for good, as God only knows.) But what a wonder to wake up to white and see Spring blossoms clothed early in their Paschal finery. What a week, what wonders graced our Holy Week, which took us from Sunday’s Summer and exaltation to Tuesday’s Winter, and long Passion, with the heavy wet snow blotting out for a day the promised relief of Spring.

Holy Week at church is…holy, all given over to the worship of our good God who goes to die for us, washes us in His Blood and feeds us with His Body, and abides with us still in the Sacrament of His Love. It is fitting then that a small army of His servants should be all the time these eight days occupied with carrying out the so ancient and yet freshly moving ceremonies of our Redemption, devoutly reenacted upon our altar. Our byword most of all these days is “come, let us adore!”

The Church is always so beautiful for Palm Sunday in its green and purple finery, wedding triumph to tragedy as do the sacred rites of this sad and happy Palm Sunday. The donkey led the children demurely through the windy walk which comprised our procession (it pranced only once, for sheer exultation) as we held our hats and palms, struggling to be heard over the wind for the Gloria Laus at the church door. Then within, the young Fathers sang the Solemn Mass with its long story of St. Matthew’s Passion.

Everybody around church during Passiontide was singing or practicing the sublime music for these holy days, and reviewing rubrics and preparing ceremonies as well. Extra ladies were imported for ironing duties, and John the Janitor helped Rose’s crew on Monday with the drapes for the Repository. So much work, so many contributions in every possible way to make this week of weeks shine forth in all of its splendor as we live the story which gives us life, the bitter and blessed Passion and Death and glorious Resurrection of Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

May yours be a blessed one. Thank you for all you do. Rejoice with us today for it is done, the victory is won. Rest a little these days of Eastertide, and rejoice with us in prayer still, as we continue our Novena of Masses, that unceasing and perfect prayer, perfectly offered. Mass is suspended but one day of the year, for Good Friday, to our grief. Let us rejoice that by the Mass, Our Lord who has risen is with us still. Alleluia!

With every Easter wish and great gratitude,
– Bishop Dolan